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7 Homepage Fundamentals In Inbound Marketing

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A homepage serves is a kind of essential first impression, one which can influence your customer’s view of your company and whether or not they continue to connect with your brand. You must implement correct and suitable elements in your homepage, such as using appropriate themes, colors, font, layout, etc. which can help skyrocket your site’s usability and will consequently increase its viewer ship among your customers. Here are some of the homepage fundamentals essential in inbound marketing:

1) A Catchy Headlines:

Your website headline should follow the below rules:

  • It should welcome your customers
  • It should convey what your site is all about.
  • It should attract your customers to visit your remaining site also.
  • Do not use colors that are too bright or don’t contrast well for your site.
  • Use action, clear language and suitable keywords.
  • Make your headline to be as easy to read and attract as possible, without being dull.

A company sometimes has a tag-line or a catchy slogan that they use to further make out who they are or what they do. The headline is often where the catch slogan is placed.

2) Company Products, Features And Benefits:

For a visitor to know about your company’s products is important instead of visiting the “about us” page which you can write in a brief and its products on the homepage itself. By doing this, your visitor will get a brief idea about your company and its product’s features. Listing everything regarding your products or services on your homepage definitely attracts your targeted customers. In addition, having so many words impending at them at once might eventually cause them to bounce from your website on the whole. Always remember almost of your total visitors 97% of them won’t return to your site, you only have one chance to attract people. Apart from features, try to list some of your company’s benefits. Attract visitors by telling them the benefits of buying your products, this will fetch you more customers.

3) Call-To-Action:

Adding a call to action on your homepage is the best way to attract your customers. Remember that a huge majority of individuals who visit your site won’t be prepared to buy something from you, so a call-to-action that too profound in the business cycle might be ineffective. Focus on offering them some quality information on more impartial topics that are relevant to their lives. A good example of a call-to-action can be to sign up for your email list, or to download a brochure with your related information about your product.

4) Place Relevant And Suitable Images:

Your choice of photos can be a huge plus to attract your customers and visitors. It is always important to create a visual companionship with your visitors by selecting images that are relevant and organized with the rest of your homepage design. Remember that your viewers are likely to react more strongly to your images, and will be much faster to connect with a photograph than a paragraph of text. When your site’s layout and images complement well together, your viewers will be in a comfortable state of mind and most likely will continue browsing through your site, getting to know both your company and your brand.

5) Good Access To Your Site’s Resources:

According to a recent report by HubSpot, almost about 96% of your site visitors are not yet in a position to buy. Basic company resources such as a blog with your company’s related information and basic product information is an excellent way to attract visitors all over your site. Don’t bombard your homepage with walls of data instead try to provide relevant resources to them. Selecting which content to show on your homepage is a bit tricky, place content that is appropriate within your company circle, and make sure that it is well-written and is of high quality.

6) Display Your Awards And Industry Recognition:

The one best thing that will tell to your company’s desire for success is to showcase your awards and accolades. After all, it reflects your company’s hard work and your product’s benefits, so placing them on your home page is an added advantage. When a visitor sees that you’ve been renowned within your industry, they’re expected to think much more confident of perusing your brand for a possible purchase. But if you have too many awards and recognitions from the industry, it is always better to have a separate page for them, this shows your company’s leadership in your respective field.

7) Customer Testimonials And Business Information:

Customer testimonials are again one of the best traditions to show your website visitors that what you have to offer is convincing. Add one or two, most powerful speech marks from your top customers along with a snap or their name and your company and product reliability instantaneously take a step forward. Put your business and contact information like your company address, phone number, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin pages, so that your customers can contact you easily. Cautiously developing and selecting the right content to appear on your homepage of your site can influence your users on whether or not they continue to glance through, connect further with your brand and probably become your customer


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