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7 Search Engine Marketing Tips To Succeed With Your PPC Campaign In 2014

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In this everchanging world, there have been lot of innovations in Adwords that have led Google to be a leader. There have been a lot of exciting developments in 2013 that one could implement in 2014 and stay ahead of competitors. Some of these changes which an Adwords Planner should focus on this year are:

1. RLSA and Dynamic Remarketing:

Most Adwords accounts use of Remarketing in their basic form. However, with RLSA (Remarketng Lists for Search ads) and Dynamic Remarketing gaining momentum in 2013, companies should now adopt these strategies for increasing ROI.

RLSA is a strategy where clients who have visited your sites in the past are retargeted when they are searching for other products on Google search.

While in Dynamic Remarketing information from merchant catalogs are used and customized ads are created for visitors who have already visited your site. For example, if a customer has browsed dresses from your website, he will see ads including the same product or related products including price, as he does google search.

2. Ad Extensions:

Ad Extensions are powerful features in an Adwords that allows you to display additional information at no extra cost. Yet only a few advertisers are using this feature. Most accounts use site links extensions and not the full array of features available to them. According to Google, Adwords Ad Extensions can easily increase CTR by 30% and increase conversions while decreasing CPC. An advertiser can do a number of things with Ad Extensions. This includes :

  • Linking important service of product pages within your site.
  • Display a click to call phone numbers for mobile searches.
  • Sparkly gold star seller ratings could be included in your ads to attract genuine customers.

Ad Extensions and their formats can influence the position of your ad on Search Result Pages. If two competing ads have the same bid and quality, then the ad which has a more positive impact from extensions will appear in a higher position than the other.

3. Call tracking:

If Per Per Click ads are leading to calls and the company is not aware as to which campaigns or keywords are driving these calls, consider Call Tracking in 2014. Call tracking is a software that is easy to install and very inexpensive, considering the insight it provides.’ Response Tap’ and ‘Mediahawk’ are the 2 tools one could use for call tracking.

4. Reviews:

Customer review sites like allow genuine user feedback. This enables Google Star Seller Ratings appear next to adwords ads. Given the increase in trust factor due to these ratings, CTR increases. Hence, one should include this in your list of 2014.

5. Competitor Monitoring:

To know what ads and keywords your competitors are using and which ads are working for them, competitor monitoring is essential. Use a tool called ‘Keyword Spy’ to help monitor competitors in 2014. This will enhance your ad strategy.

6. Negative Keywords:

Negative Keyword strategy should always be up to date to avoid ads triggering for undesirable terms and irrelevant clicks.

7. Miscellaneous:

  • Mobile Bidding– If you have not already done this, please segment traffic by device and consider a bidding strategy by device ( laptops, desktops, tablets or through mobiles ).
  • Geo Targeting– Increase bids for localities, towns or states that are doing well . Areas where ROI is low, bids could be excluded.
  • Ad Scheduling– Schedule ads at time of the day or day of the week when traffic is more.
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    • 5 years ago

      Nikhita Reddy   /   Reply

      Great tips are explained.The point Ad extension was explained in a good way.By following the mentioned steps one can seriously succeed in their PPC campaign of their business. A good and effective usage of SEM can escalate your business to the next level.

    • 5 years ago

      mukesh   /   Reply

      Nice piece of information…i was aware of all other things which you explained execpt that review which i have never implemented…will try to implement nd analyse the changes in ctr.

    • 5 years ago

      Indrajit Goswami   /   Reply

      Can you please site example on your point (2)?

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