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7 SEO Tips To Make Your WordPress Blog Outshine Its Competitors Online

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WordPress version for website and blogs are like fuel for the machine as it’s an open source platform. Its importance is that it’s SEO friendly, social network compatible, expand brand awareness, mobile readiness, etc. That is the reason, why all the business rushing to have WordPress website/blogs. But, having a WordPress blog for the website is not a big deal now. What matters is, to be ranked high in search engines and between competitors. If you are investing time in doing SEO and not finding your WordPress blog then you might be lacking in the techniques. So, below are the 7 SEO tips which act as a catalyst for website and will outshine between the competitors.

permalink-setting1. Permalinks Settings

This is the first thing which search engine views. Writing the clear URL will help website to attract the search engines as well as audiences. Make sure URL contains three to four keywords that relate the content on that page. Whenever a new content page is created in WordPress, it is by default taking the URL with numbers and characters.

It looks very odd and also search engine are not able to search that content page with the keywords.
For the SEO point, change the permalinks by setting it to ‘Custom Structure’. This will improvise the usability and clarity of the URL. Matt Cutts clears that Google will only show up to five keywords. He personally uses /%postname%/ for his pages.

2. SEO plugins

WordPress itself is SEO friendly but still it requires additional SEO plugins which will help to be searched by search engines. There are two famous plugins for WordPress namely ‘All in one SEO pack’ and ‘Wordpress SEO by Yoast’. Now the question is, which is the best from these two? WordPress SEO by Yoast is the best as it gives more functionality. It also gave freedom to write your meta description. Also one can add the title for search engines. Apart for this, there are 3 more important plugins which need to set up.

a) Breadcrumbs – Breadcrumb is a plugin through which one can increase the user experience. It has strong value for the website as it helpswordpress-breadcrumbs the link juice to get divided into every content page, navigation become easy and allowing easy picks to be searched.

b) Sitemaps – Sitemaps helps to guide the search engine for your content. It also increases the speed. Plugin this to be more visible in search engines.

c) Robot.txt – It helps the crawlers to block those pages which are important for your websites. The crawlers always see the robot.txt before searching.


3. SEO Slugs

It will help in removing the URL stop words like ‘a’, ‘the’, ‘in’ from the URL to improve the visibility.

4. SEO friendly images

One can use Alt text to get some SEO through images. Activate the plugin to get more appropriate names. It will also give an extra amount of traffic to the content page. Make sure it should contain the main keywords.

5. www vs non-www

Setting the root domain will also improve the ranking. Choose either www or non-www root domain name because some search engines not support the website having both. Also remove index.php/index.html redirected domain as its of no use.

6. Keywords

Keywords still have the main role in SEO. So, select the effective keywords from the group of keywords. There are many keyword tools: – Google adwords for keywords and Wordtracker keyword tool. Make sure that the presence of selected keywords should be in content pages, images, page title etc. For higher ranking use the keywords in h1-h6. Also activate the keyword density checker to find the density of a keyword in each page. It will suggest best keywords for meta tags and also for page description.

7. Link Internally

It is another good SEO tip to be ranked high than your competitor. Internally linking to other related post, images, categories etc helps in boosting the other pages in front of the audience and the search engines.

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    • 5 years ago

      Gurkirat   /   Reply

      Hi your information is essential for a wordpress blogger & I would reccomend every wordpress blogger to follow it but I guess you have missed some points like SEO plugins like Yoast. They plays a key role as well.!

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