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7 Smart SEO Tips For A Startup Business

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SE and startupsNow that you have become an entrepreneur, there are too many things you need to focus on. Your mind is already pre-occupied with incorporating a company, pursuing angel investors, hiring the right employees, setting up an office, getting the right hardware, pursuing customers and obsessing about sales and revenues. Is building a website and creating a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy only adding to your stress? This is a common problem with many first time entrepreneurs who are confused about the importance of SEO for their website and its benefits; they merely set up a website and patiently wait for organic traffic to magically get directed to the website. Patience wears off in a month of seeing no results and then they desperately start searching for new methods to drive traffic to their website. That is when realization hits that a key to driving traffic to a website is not just merely building a website but also optimizing it for search engines. Does this situation sound familiar? Then let us first understand the importance of SEO for a start-up.

Importance of SEO for a start-up businessSEO and business

The main goal of SEO is to make your website easy for search engines to scan and map the contents of your site. This will help them to index the site easily. Search engine algorithms are becoming extremely advanced and complicated, even their spiders and crawlers look at websites in a different way and makes it very difficult to understand their method. This can be tackled by using SEO techniques in the correct way. Moreover, a relevant SEO strategy with link building and other features need to be customized for a site as one size does not fit all. Additionally a robust content strategy needs to be formulated to ensure that the visitors get something interesting and unique to read when they visit the website and at the same time be recognizable to search engines too. There are also many bad SEO practices which can do more harm than good to your website. These include, black hat tactics, over stuffing keywords, spamming, link bombing, duplicate content and broken links etc. If SEO is implemented in the proper way it could help your website to rank in the top 10 on Google. Research has also proved that click through rate (CTR) and conversion rate is higher for top 10 websites. So by using effective SEO techniques you can get your website to rank higher and watch your business grow. Use the following 7 smart SEO tips for your website.

1. Website

First and foremost develop a clean, simple, contemporary and easy to use website. A poorly built, unattractive website will do more harm than any good to your website, as it will drive away visitors. A website should be professional, polished and visually appealing. A Website is a mirror of the company and reflects its image, and the products or service being sold by the company.  A website is the first impression of your business for your potential customers. A website should be able to retain, engage and achieve sales from customers. A website should have good colour, meaningful graphics, a relevant image library, readable text and of course quality content.

SEO and content2. Quality content

Write epic, amazing and interesting content to attract your viewer’s attention. Write articles with depth and length of more than 1000 words atleast as these articles are more likely to get noticed by search engines. Try to write the best articles in your niche and get appreciated by your peer group.

3. Child friendly content

Write articles which can be understood and enjoyed by even children. Keep the language simple, lucid and grammatically correct. A simple, well written article with quality content will definitely attract the search engines. Try to create articles in the way children’s literature is written. Their style of writing is based on simplicity, comprehension and subtle repetition with meaningful content. Similar content is appreciated and picked up by search engines for indexing.

4. Use Keywords in the content

Write articles by keeping in mind specific and target keywords. For example if your website is about beauty products, then use the keywords in your content that people generally search for, take an example like, “high volume mascara”, “cherry red lipstick”, “L’Oreal shampoo” etc. Make sure you use some keywords many times in the article or content pages. The article title is very important from the view of SEO, so ensure that keywords are present in the title too as the search engines scan the title and get to know the content of the page. If you want to have high rankings for keywords like, “L’Oreal”, “shampoo” then you could compose a title like, “5 reasons why L’Oreal anti-frizz shampoo is good for dry and curly hair”. Make sure you use the keywords and phrases multiple times in the article, along with relevant variations, but do not overdo it.

5. Building smart links for SEOlinking

Interlinking is a good way to get your audience to read a lot of content on different sections on your website. Make sure your articles are interlinked wherever relevant. If possible also try to get links from legitimate and authoritative websites. If search engines find credible links they will surely rank your website higher. Use social media to share your content and get links in return. Building credible links is good for SEO in the long run; however, do not lose focus on writing good articles for your site.

6. Create a conversion strategy

While writing articles for your website/ blog make sure that you put some relevant text for conversion so that visitors don’t have to make extra clicks or search around the website. Something like “sign up for monthly e-newsletter”, “buy” or “try” a product or service, discounts and promotion schemes can also entice visitors to click on a product. The “contact us” page should also be easily accessible.

7. SEO is dynamic

Creating a website, optimizing it in the beginning and forgetting all about it will not be beneficial in the long run. SEO is a dynamic field and is evolving constantly. The search engine algorithms are also being continuously improved and upgraded and it is highly essential to keep up with them or even a few steps ahead of them. There is also fierce competition for rankings and it is likely that your competitors are continuously posting fresh new content, marketing it better and reaching out to new audiences. All products whether good or bad need to be marketed and SEO is very important, so ignore continuous improvement in SEO at your own risk.

These 7 smart SEO tips if used properly can help catapult your new business in the top rankings on SERPs.

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      Thanks for sharing this great information. This is really helpful for those who want to start SEO services for their new businesses.

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