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7 Social Media Marketing Image Ideas For Great Business Representation Online

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If  posting textual content is no more attractive for the audience and there is an evident fall in the audience engagement rate or there is discomfort while receiving feedback from the customers, then one needs to understand and accept that ‘texts’ are no more effective for the campaign. Therefore, now is the time to switch over to innovative ideas available on social media.

One can think of creating appealing ‘images’ to fetch greater attention of audience and people on social media space. There are many instant advantages of image based campaigning or marketing. Furthermore, one needs to be creative enough for effective communication with people through visual representation. There is no doubt that it is a gigantic task to replace text with images. One may defend one’s preferences by citing the logic behind combining both, texts and images. The present post will share 7 image ideas that will encourage and motivate people for adopting this technique:-


1. Post a picture of your own sign and caption it with relevant colors.

Always remember that when an attractive image is shown, it will get easily registered in the memory of people. Hence, one should be careful while designing the logo or selecting profile photo. For every business, the profile photo can be either a LOGO or any popular product/brand. It should not be changed frequently. It is meant for a longer period and subject to change only if there is any strategic split in the partnership business or any other strategic association. For example, either Hero Motor Corp or Honda Motors cannot use the earlier LOGO in their respective pages after their legal split. Obviously, they can change their respective LOGOs and post it on their official pages. While doing so, perfect color combination should be kept in mind.


    Guess2. Use Guessing pictures to run contests.

Instead of posting texts, one can use ‘Guessing photos’ to run contests online or on social media. It will be more appealing for the contestants and improve audience engagement more effectively than any other approach. It has been revealed in many researches that similar photographs/images can lead people towards better cognitive engagement than partial or passive participation. Also, such photographs/images are highly potential for sharing on social media platforms.


3. Never copy OFFLINE retail format ONLINE.

Online and offline retail formats differ and require special attention. The scope over social media platforms is limited in terms of using space or page. One should use a particular pixel size on a specific frame size whereas in the offline format, larger floor space can be used to engage and motivate people. Also, in online format one needs to be attractive and at the same time provide options to choose from.

4. Still images of an upcoming video

Instead of writing a note or welcome message, a still photograph of your upcoming stage performance, video shoot or film shoot will have a better impact. Add value to the still photo by making it more realistic. This may make people curious  and eager for the actual event.


5. Use SPLIT panel image to give people an option.image-sharing-applications

To offer people a choice to follow on different social media space, never ask separately to choose from the given options. Instead develop a photo panel including all alternative choices. This will consume more engagement time and will make people give a thought for a while. Hence, there will be better connectivity with the audience.

6. Post a series of Sneak Pick photos that display a part of new product.

An incomplete photograph or image can draw more attention of the customers towards an upcoming release or new product launch. There will be a cluster of images or sketches of more than 4-5 products which present a partial image of the upcoming product. It is effective for turning people curious and thoughtful. This will motivate them to think and discuss about the future release or launch.


7. Display the mission statement over a staff location photo.

It has been experienced by corporate managers/leaders that employees never remember the textual narration of company’s vision or mission statements. If such documents are kept in training manuals, annual reports or assignment files, their impact will never be long lasting. Instead, displaying over a staff location photo will have a stronger impact because of improved visibility and proximity. Therefore, the message in the form of an image will be registered in their mind/memory.

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