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7 Social Media Marketing Tips For Successful Facebook Ad Campaign

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Facebook needs no introduction. We all have our accounts on Facebook for years now. We chat, upload photographs, post status, play games and use it in as creative manners as possible. These days because of enormous familiarity of people with Facebook where even rustic villagers of core India are not far behind, the entire planet seems to have an account on Facebook.

Naturally, businesses need to be present where their audience are and therefore, they must have a demarcated presence on Facebook. Not only big brands but even small businesses are in the race. Facebook has encouraged skilled and learned people to display their skill to the world in almost zero cost and that is the huge advantage of Facebook. India is one of the top nations where Facebook has the maximum number of active account holders and age group of 35-50 years is the fastest growing ones since 2009. So how does it matter when we are experiencing may be in rightly directed and are termed as Facebook Fever.

To make out the best of the opportunity, Facebook can be leveraged for enhancing awareness about the product/brand/businesses at the first stage, followed by building an understanding of the product/service, what follows next is creating preference for the product and ultimately garner trust and loyalty from increasingly fickle consumers through Facebook advertisements and campaigns. Facebook is a perfect tool of word of mouth publicity where good as well as bad reviews of the product spread like wildfire. People have the tendency to trust peer reviews and their experience more than company’s product description these days. Facebook can be optimally utilized  here to accumulate as much positive ratings for the product/service. But one point is that marketers should not really down play negative reviews but accept it graciously and try in all circumstances not to let the adverse experience repeat in future with any customer.

Here are 7 tips for effective marketing on Facebook through Facebook Ad campaign:

Know the Business’s goals

The objective to be achieved through Facebook must be clear. Are the objectives to have more page post engagement, clicks to websites, Facebook likes, website conversions, apps installations, event responses or offer claims getting fulfilled? Whatever be the objective the organisation wishes to achieve, must ultimately be depended upon the end result you plan to achieve the Facebook likes which do not necessarily transform into sales.

Decide on the type of Facebook Campaign

The type of Facebook campaign will definitely depend upon the goal to be achieved. Once the goal has been firmly determined, the next step is to decide on the type of campaigns available such as coupons, sweepstakes, giveaway’s, essay contests, photo contests, quizzes, video contests etc. The purpose is to arouse interest and enhance engagement. The point that should be considered is the personality type of the target audience, taking care to give them enough incentives to encourage them to participate in the campaigns; while at the same time doing all this in a unique and creative manner to the most. Remember, we live in an era where innovation is most valued by customers.

Planning social media engagement

Once the campaign type has been expressly pronounced, the next step is to plan for achieving desired social media engagement. The target audience has to be constructively made committed to the the organisation’s campaigns, that brings out responses from them and influence their buying behaviors if increase sales is the objective to be reached through Facebook campaigns. This could be easily realized with the help of quality content focused on user’s needs and activities. One must be careful of not attracting fake followers and non-targeted users as that will simply be a drain on the resources.

Grant Incentives to the users and targeted audience

To put it simply, give an offer to the users which they can’t refuse and start liking the posts and agrees to become your fan. Give your audience a good enough reason to be with you on social media. Ask your users about their interest areas, what is it that they would like to listen from you, insist users to share their opinions and most importantly value that opinion. Make your audience feel treasured and cared for and they shall definitely return your endeavors with more social engagement.

Visual Content

Pleasant pictures are liked by readers, customers and more importantly marketers. Because according to a recent statistics,  40% of people will respond better to visual content and information than plain text. Optimal visual information has the potential to enormously increase customers, prospects, leads and sales. Thus investing heavily in visual content is not at all a bad idea and shall have huge payoffs. According to Facebook statistics content with videos and images increase engagement by 65%

Define Limitations

Facebook has some inbuilt limitations which must be factored in to avoid unrealistic expectations from Facebook campaign. Facebook was originally designed interactions between friends and near-and-dear ones. These days it has meta-morphed into a marketing platform but the original purpose remains the same. The potential of angry customers ruining the image and reputation of the business is immense. The slandering can easily turn off your potential customers. So, the advise is do not give any opportunity o customers to complain. Besides even competitors can easily pose as your customers and fans and get access to your content. One has to on the guard.

Be Original

Easier said than done, but being original is the key. Give your creative side a wild run. Let nothing stop you. Be as creative as you can and you shall be surprised to see the results. We being living in a 24X7 connected world nothing can stop the duplicate content from getting unnoticed. The world these days is much smaller than our imagination. Thus, being a pioneer in original and unique content will carry huge payoffs.

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