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7 Tips To Use Instagram In Social Media Marketing For Sending The Message Across

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34About Instagram

Instagram is an online social networking platform that enables its users to share their moments through photographs and videos. In other words, a world connected through photos that gives a glimpse of their lives to family and friends through the snaps. The name Instagram comes by combining two words, Instant and Telegram and thus, became Instagram, which essentially means wiring the photo instantly. Instagram enables the user to use a filter to transform the photo into a lifetime memorable image to be kept forever. Instagram even allows its users to share their images on other social networking platforms like the Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Flickr and so on. Instagram was released in the year 2010 and was acquired by Facebook in 2012. By the end of 2013, Instagram had 150 million active users, 90% of which were under 35 years. In India, Instagram is dominated by men, present ratio being 75/25, that means only 1/4 of total women population of the country is on Instagram. Even image sharing platforms like Instagram are rising at a much faster rate than Facebook. Instagram began as a purely photo sharing platform and video of up to 15 seconds was incorporated into it only in June 2013.

These days a lot of marketing companies are leveraging video marketing in their overall marketing and advertising strategy, as video engages customers more optimally than text. Consumers get all the product information easily and with less effort. Consumers who watch the video are more likely to purchase the product than consumers who have not seen any video. A video even adds to the word-of-mouth publicity for the brand. Customers heavily share videos which they feel useful. Contrary to the popular perception that video marketing is expensive as well as cumbersome, Instagram provides its users with a free 15 second video which can be optimally utilized.

These days Instagram picture is even more worth than thousand advertisements. Luxury brand marketers are increasingly banking on Instagram images of their users to invite and attract potential users. Holiday Inn, Blueberry and Nike have very successfully integrated Instagram in their online marketing strategy.

A real life example to reveal just how much Instagram is valued in online marketing- Tsvor, 24, a freelance photographer, with 55000 Instagram followers got an offer from Chicago Helicopter Experience company, wherein she would be given free ride of helicopter over the city and in return she has to post picture of her ride on Instagram handle with a caption including the company’s name. The reason the company gave for the offer was that young generation consumers of their service were actively present on Instagram, besides the company said that Instagram influencer, in this case Tsvor, are more important than celebrities whom people find difficult to relate to and at the same time is far less expensive medium to reach out to the target audience in real-time.

Here are some tips to integrate 15 second video on Instagram to achieve  success in social media marketing:

  1. To use video or not is no longer the question- Video is a part of essential toolkit used for social marketing. Video even enhances conversion rate among potential customers. Customers are more likely to watch videos recommended by their friends. The content of the video has to be such that people who are interested in the subject matter watch the video and must feel obliged to share it.
  2. Add Narration to the video– Giving the video a creative and curious narration will definitely invite views of the video from general public. Thus, adding the narration completes the trick to uploading the video for marketing purposes. On the contrary, video without apt narration will see far less view even though people might be interested in the subject matter. Adding a narration is like giving a name to a video, easier to use and recall. It can be safely concluded that adding a narration to a video is a must.
  3. Filter– Filters are an easy and convenient way of enhancing the look-and-feel of the video. There are a series of filters available on Instagragm to make videos more beautiful. Preview of the filters is available and the users can select the filter which best suits them.
  4. Low light photographs– On Android devices, Instagram provides night camera and pro-capture free to use which enhances the quality of images takes in dim and low lights. Both these applications ensure that the image is focused and set in bright scene. While filters Valencia and Amaro can lighten up the scene to bring some lost details back and filter Inkwell can make a dark image more soother to the eye.
  5. Using Influencers– Influencers are those who have a lot of following and are in a position to mold people’e opinion in their favor on the basis of their communication, experiences and skills. Tapping influencers to share the products video is a great way to enhance the viewing of the video. Besides when a video is endorsed by an influencer, its trust and value multiplies therefore making the best use of influencers is an optimum way to enhance viewership.
  6. Editing– Not everyone is a photographer and not everyone can produce perfect shops every time. Besides not everyone possess the latest camera or the latest mobile with a flashy camera. To overcome this handicap, Instagram offers editing of images to make it memorable and beautiful. Its editing is the most valuable feature for anybody and especially for novice photographers or videographers.
  7. Sharing– Sharing videos and photographs is instantaneous across various social networking platforms like the Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr etc. This seamless sharing across multiple platforms simplifies the task of uploading the photographs on one platform and sharing them for the others. It is convenient, saves time, effort and energy. Its value will be know only when this feature would not have been made available and the consequent troubles it would have brought with itself. Sharing videos and photographs is an amazing way to connect with existing and potential customers.

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