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8 Myths Uncovered About Email Marketing Campaigns

8 Myths Uncovered About Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Marketing Campaigns

It is found that many marketers are under several misconceptions in rolling out Email Marketing Campaigns and are completely blind-folded by myths and assumptions. What happens next? You lose out potential subscribers who would have been targeted had you been aware of Email Marketing fundamentals.

Email Marketing Myths

Here are 8 myths that are unfolded about Email Marketing Campaign. Take a look!email-marketing-myths-you-shouldnt-believe

Sending Mails in the wee hours is the best time to shoot out email

It is a myth if you think sending email marketing campaigns in the morning would fetch you higher click rates. We found out that respondents are more likely to view their email post 12p.m.

Findings from Email Marketing blogs and various other magazines  have shown that the percentage of email opening rate is higher after 12 p.m and it keeps on increasing till 8 p.m. However, the  variation in time that attracts maximum subscribers does not remain static. There are several other Email experts who believe that sending across emails from midnight to 4 a.m has the highest response rates while an expert from MailChimp found out that the best time the emails are being viewed is at 10 a.m.

Sending mass mails annoys your audience

It has come to light that some marketers avoid sending too many emails at one go as the readers find it irritating and some think that they might be marked as SPAM!. However, you would be surprised to know it’s exactly the opposite and you have been living under a misconception uptill now. A recent study has found that if you sends across email from 1 per month to 4, it can increase your open rate. Also, you would be glad to know that the increase in email sending frequency results in an additional 12% of revenue on an average.

Email Design Template is not a necessity in email

If you have been missing out referring good email design templates then you have been flushing money down the drain. According to a Business Insider magazine, 79% of smart phone owners use their mobile handsets for viewing emails and 60% of the users delete emails if they find the email crappy and non-appealing.

You need to be extra smart in designing emails that catches reader’s eye. An email template that is not responsive  enough would definitely send your email to the SPAM folder!

Content that is Spam shoots your Email to the junk folder

With the advancements in IT sector, email marketing has also evolved over the years. There are SPAM filters that have become much more refined and complex in filtering out emails. Just using a word “free” is now rarely the reason for your email to be marked as SPAM. Some of the elements that SPAM filters look for are listed down:

  • Subject Line
  • Header information such as “From” ,“To”, “IP Address”
  • Advice from other SPAM filters
  • Recipient’s name

A.Worx evaluated data from Data Source of 200 clients and 500 sent emails to see if keywords actually affect deliverability. It was found that phrases and words have little or no effect of sending emails to the junk folder. Hubspot revealed that words like “free” in the subject line have no impact on your deliverability.

Plain Text emails does not woo email readers in hitting click button

We carried out a study to find out what really engages our subscriber and it was found out that of 10 email campaigns, only 2 of them caught subscriber’s attention and those were the plain text emails. Rests 8 were designed with custom templates. If you send across plain text emails, you don’t have to worry about image-blocking as about 60% of the clients have images disabled and most email readers block images by default.

On the other hand, if you make use of highly designed email, you subscriber might miss your primary call-to-action, if they don’t opt to download your images.

Keeping a professional tone is a must in B2B and B2C emails 

If you think that it is the professional tone that matters in attracting subscriber’s attention then you are wrong! What really appeals to the reader is how you effectively say it.

If you are successful in executing your tone via email then that is what would stand between a good email and a poor email. You have to just match your tone to your target audience and there your copy can evoke an emotional response in your readers.

If you are just trying to sell your products through professional tone then you are sure to come off dry and would end up resonating with your audience. It is really essential to connect with your audience and find out why you want to consider adding your own company’s personality into your email.

Long emails are less effective than short emails

The length of your email depends on your subject line and how you would like to persuade your customer. There is no mention anywhere that short emails are more engaging than long ones and this is why what matters is the time and a place for both long and short emails.

Remember that, if you are sending across long emails, you need to include relevant and informative details only to woo the subscriber.

Some of the points you can keep in mind before leveraging a long copy are listed below:

  • Make sure you answer all questions of your visitor in one area
  • Keep in mind that long emails may reduce potential customer’s interest and anxiety in making a purchase
  • Long emails should clarify all of client’s query at one place

Unsubscribe option hurts Email Marketer’s efforts

Whoever thought that the unsubscribe option on top of the emails hampers the marketer’s efforts, then they need to think again. An unsubscribe button enables you to maintain a good sender reputation as you have enabled opt-in and opt-out facility for customers on your emails. A reader would be glad to see that the company does not force their clients to read their emails. It therefore in a way improves the company’s reputation in the market and they may even end up subscribing to the newsletter.

In addition, you can also keep a check on customer insight by studying the unsubscribe trends. If you come across an increase in unsubscribe rates of particular emails then you can work upon your marketing strategy to enhance the email opening rates.

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