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8 Social Media Marketing Tips For Sucessful Facebook Advertising Today

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The physical world has boundaries, but the virtual world does not. As a marketer on social media, you need to be an achiever, who knows how to accommodate with the fast changing digital media space. To be a successful social media marketer, you need to be an effective watch-dog to understand and track the flow of audience to different digital platforms. Someone says it is better to have a website, if we want to have more visitors. Another expert advises you to go to Facebook to get more likes. We, as the marketers have to understand that it is neither ‘visits’ nor ‘likes’ that transforms our business, but the effective engagement and conversion. If you are already in Facebook, then there is no need to get panic. Leverage that space effectively to gain competitive advantage in business and brand building. The Social Media Marketing report, 2014, reveals that most of the less experienced Social Media Marketers prefer Facebook as their No.1 choice. Hence, the potential for Facebook as one of the favorite marketing platforms is unquestionable today.  Following 08 tips may be very much useful for getting desired outcomes from your Facebook advertising efforts.

Take the advanced targeting advantage

This is the unique feature of Facebook which is not available in any other social media platform. You can define, select and target your audience by location, age, gender, relationship status, language, education, interests and more. Even, Facebook allows you to go further and target your audience based on their ‘deep interests’.

Renew or redefine your target audience

Based on responses you have been getting, you can further decide either to continue with the adverts or stop that to redesign the content or redefine your audience. For every new advertisement booking, you are given two major options. Either, you can reach those who are already connected to your page or you can redefine your target audience again. This option you can avail for every Facebook advertisement.    

Determine your results before you get the Analytics

On Facebook, you can decide the kind of results you expect from your adverts. You can select your target results from the following options, such as (i) clicks to website, (ii) website conversion, (iii) page post engagement, (iv) page likes, (v) App installations, (vi) App engagement, (vii) event responses and (viii) offer claims.

Create a synergy with multiple posts

Along with your adverts, you may simultaneously promote your page. Also, you can plan ‘contests’ and ‘events’ and promote them as ‘add-on’ contents. This will create a synergy and take your page and adverts naturally (or biologically) to an extended and larger audience. As an advertiser, you must exercise all the options.    

Use more visual contents

According to a recent report by Social Media Examiner, the emerging trend favors visual contents more than any other contents. It includes all, the pictorials, infographics and videos. Here, you can strategically think to leverage your presence in other platforms, such as Pinterest, Instagram etc and link your Facebook page with other networks.

Avoid monotonous cover photo

You may keep the same profile photo for a longer period, but need to change your cover photo to make your page more relevant, active and purposive. You may design and upload your cover photo to address or advertise a special sale, promotion, event, contest, etc. This will generate more attention and interest among existing and new people about your page and actions.

Maintain consistency in posting contents

Don’t be obsessive to any monotonous schedule or calendar. People come to social networking sites to relax and to do things very informally. Hence, avoid making it a bureaucratic system or formal office procedure to get connected to your fan base or community. There is always a conflict between two paradigms: ‘post lesser content but regularly’ and ‘post more contents but consistently’. While the former one is more formal, the later one is very crazy and funny to increase the chances of being seen.

Ask questions and listen to your audience

An effective engagement can never happen with one way communication. Advertisers or marketers need to generate voice of their fans or audience by asking questions or inviting them to some surveys. Apart from regular analytics and reports that type of activity will help you to understand your audience very closely, especially their likes, dislikes and preferences.   

Sources: The Strategist, Business Standard, June 16, 2014.

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      Vikalp Bharti   /   Reply

      Well written Dr. Goswami, interesting mention of the two paradigms. How about a third one ‘Lesser Content but more relevant’? Just a thought.

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