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8 Social Media Marketing Tips That Can Immensely Improve Your Score Card

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social-marketingAs we are progressing in the digital space the need to keep oneself and your business abreast with the changing dynamics of the market is increasing. With the release of Google’s release latest algorithm update Penguin and host of other updates like pirate etc., increased focus is being given to natural and relevant link building and Social performance. Taking into account this drastic change, businesses can no longer keep social media marketing on lower priority and must now invest in it and consider it as an integral part of their digital presence.

With the plethora of social media platforms available today, companies/businesses often get confused and unsure as which platform to use or what is the correct way of using these platforms to the maximum effect. Following are 8 tips that can assist your business market itself efficiently using social media:

1social_media-blog. Using a Blog on the Company’s Website

Sharing of information is one of the most potent tool in building up followers/fans. Every organisation no matter how big or small they are, should use a blog on their sites. Whether the blog is for news or any important update, sharing useful knowledge or voicing an opinion regarding a relevant subject in the industry, blog is one of the in-vogue ways to remain connected to your social circle of followers. Blogs are very effective tools of social media marketing and blog posts can help an organization in populating its social media presence on different platforms with valuable content.

2. Facebook-URL-to-SiteBranding one’s Company’s Facebook Profile/Page

One should concentrate on branding one’s Facebook page and the timeline. There are few aspects of Facebook Page and Timeline that can be branded. From the cover photo to your company’s profile image as well as the Facebook Apps icons. One should aim at using every chance to not only bolster but also differentiate your brand with your competitors.

3. Offering Unique Content as well as exclusive Products on the Brand’s Facebook Page

Strive to provide your customers and potential users a relevant reason to engage with your Facebook profile in the form of more “shares” and “Likes”. One of the most effective way to accomplish this is by providing unique content, exclusive products or special offers on your Facebook page.

4. 10-Best-Facebook-Campaigns-Corona-10Building an exclusive custom Facebook App for one’s brand

One can achieve much more out of Facebook for one’s business by creating a custom Facebook App. An increased number of companies understand what added an enhanced value a custom and a branded Facebook App can provide for their businesses. With infinite probabilities, a Facebook app can assist one’s business in adding up better functionality to the Facebook channel and attaining positive results for one’s business.

5. Using info-graphics and creative
Images to good effect

infographicsEffective use of social media marketing techniques circulates around the basic concept of capturing viewers’ attention, engaging with them and leveraging their exclusive networks through likes, shares and comments. Info-graphics are a creative and a visual display of information via effective and clever use images, numbers and sentences/words. Their effectiveness lies in their ability to clearly communicate a message or an information much faster than a lengthy white papers or articles. As per a recent study, info-graphics have become one of the most shared content category, making them pretty useful and an important part of social media marketing.

6. twitter-profile-upsCustomizing the Twitter Profile of your brand

Twitter is another platform which does form an integral part of your social media marketing strategy. Success on twitter depends upon how effective is your organization’s Twitter page, it should be a fair reflection of the brand, services and products. Update your Twitter profile look, if you are still using the old/default look, then you are doing your brand and your company a disservice. Make use of the customized Twitter background templates in creating an impacting and interesting Twitter Profile page.

7. Using SEO keywords strategically in the company’s LinkedIn profile and optimizing the company’s website for Pinterest sharing.

LinkedIn is one of the best social media platforms for connecting with potential audience, as well as for bolstering existing business relationships. It is easier for your existing clients to find your organisation on LinkedIn, but with effective use of correct SEO keywords in the LinkedIn Profile of your company makes it online-marketing-tips-social-media-marketing-tips-how-to-tips-marketing-on-Pinteresteasier for potential customers involve in search of specific industries.

Pinterest is an important social media marketing platform that may or may not be for everyone. But there are bright chances that your business can derive benefits from effectively engaging Pinterest users. To get good foothold on Pinterest make sure you not only use text content. You should aim at creating engaging info-graphics and images followed by timely and effective sharing on Pinterest.

8. Encouraging users to propagate your Company’s content by enhanced and effective sharing on their own social profiles and using Facebook’s Open Graph in sharing both images as well as videos.

If you have created unique and valuable content on your website and you have been successful in improving your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in the form of getting more traffic in consuming this content. The next step is to expand your social media marketing efforts, you should encourage users to like and share this content on their social channel profiles .You should add social sharing tabs such as Tweet This, Like, Pin 4543469861_b813e1cb9dIt buttons etc. when and where-ever required and thus, make it easier for your customers to become your
brand ambassadors with the simple click of a button.

Whenever a visitor shares and engages with your product pages on Facebook, a post is generated and added to his/her timeline. This post traditionally includes a title, image and description, along with an option of added comment by the audience. Here is a chance where you can take this to a completely new level by telling Facebook’s Open Graph to include a video clip instead of the image. Videos helps in adding a enhanced layer of engagement with your viewers and helps in grabbing more eye-balls by increasing shares.

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