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8 Tips To Leverage Important SMM Tool – Google Drive

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Google Drive is the most widely used data storage tool both at the consumer as well as the business level. It is liked by its users due to various advantages it offers such as editing (real time) the files as soon as you receive them without worrying about the version of the same. It has many advantages which must be leveraged in order to maximize the returns from this tool. A tool will give maximum returns only when the user knows about it well and is able to escape all the pitfalls in the journey. Here are 8 easy to understand and result oriented tips to leverage Google Drive with minimum efforts.

Access The Files Offline

Google Drive is a tool that stores the files safely and enables the user to retrieve the same even when he is offline. Offline access of files is a feature that is quite desirable as it makes the process smooth and a good internet connection is not always an essentiality to access the stored files. All one needs to do is to modify the settings at Google Chrome. Install the drive application and click on the left hand menu. Then select ‘more’ from the drop down menu and alter the option called ‘offline’.

Regain Old File Versions

Google Drive not just stores the data but also frees its users from the problems regarding file versions. The users can easily access the files saved in the last thirty days after alteration as the files are saved automatically. This can be done by choosing the ‘File’ option and then ‘See revision history’ to recover the file version that is required by you.

Be Quick At Keyboard

Be quick with keyboard shortcuts while performing the mundane tasks on Google Drive. Access the keyboard shortcuts as soon as possible and learn them by heart to not just reduce the time spent at the activities but also enhance the experience with Google Drive. There are many Google Drive shortcuts available that must be pasted at the front wall for these are something that are a must.

Synchronize The Cloud Files With Online Files

This is easy with Google Drive as there is simply a need of downloading the application software at the desktop. Any and all the online files can now have online backup. It proves that the drive is not just for a single purpose of cloud storage in an organisational setting but can be used for managing the files at the desktop as well.

Sharing Was Never So Easy

Google Drive receives lot of accolades for its feature that enables file sharing in a very convenient way. There is no need to compose an email for sending the files and attaching the same in a time consuming manner. Instead use the drive and hit on the ‘share’ button that is available on the ‘File’ menu and type in the recipient’s email address in the bar. The receivers can even edit the file if it is permitted by you.

Useful App Usage

Leverage Google Drive by using the available apps that enhance the productivity of the same. One such useful app is Drive Notepad. It helps you in editing the plain- text files or setting the syntax formatting right for many widely used programming languages. Isn’t it great? If you nodded your head in affirmation, then download the app and start being more perfect at the task at hand.

Secure The Drive

The security of Google Drive is basically with the end users of the same. It is necessary to set a strong password and restrict an easy access to the drive files which is the minimum you can do to secure the files. It is true that cloud storage is something that has great business value attached to it but it is something that always had some security issues. To ensure maximum security, take care of the permissions that you set in for the files and the Chrome settings that are available for alteration.

There is nothing wrong in adopting the technique called encryption. Encrypt the data/files in the drive with the software such as BoxCryptor etc. and safeguard the files easily. It is not required to go for tedious encryption which makes it difficult to retrieve the files later on but it would be sufficient to set an encryption code that is remembered easily but only by you!

Replace My Documents Folder With Google Drive

If you do not like your present documents folder (default), change it with Google Drive. It is easy to do it. If you are using Windows, hit right click on the ‘Documents’ and then select ‘Properties’ to finally choose the Drive folder as the ‘location’. An application software as efficient as Google Drive is always good to have as a default folder for file storage.

Google Drive is improved day by day by the industry experts. It is not just seen as a data storage tool but an application that has huge potential to serve myriad purposes on a sustainable level. Google Drive is easy to install and is being made even easier to use. The new features keep coming and motivate the users to explore this tool completely. One time education is not enough and one is advised to learn about the tools that he uses on a continuous basis so as to avoid any loophole in the usage of the same. The above mentioned tips are assembled to make the reader equip himself about the knowledge of the same and use this social media marketing tool in a proper way in future. The problem often lies in the fact that the user is not properly educated about a tool rather then the tool itself.  Keep looking for more tips on the important tools in the field of digital marketing and gain as much as possible from the same!

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