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8 Tips To Convert LinkedIn Into A Leads Generating Platform

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Sales and marketing department acts as a face of any organization. Organizations have started taking online medium as their major tool to tap potential people. Organizations are not limited to certain geographical areas anymore. This has widened the horizon and shrunk the world making it more easily accessible.

Individuals and organizations open their accounts on various social networking sites depending upon their requirement. It has become mandatory to maintain an online presence on these social networking sites. As the requirements vary, there are certain platforms which fulfill professional requirements like recruitment, job hunting, connecting with other professionals to learn or following the mentors etc. of various organizations or individuals.

LinkedIn is one such professional networking site which has got a huge pool of talent and information. This social networking site connects people across the world who have a professional motive. Optimized utilization of various features available with LinkedIn can result in achieving greater objectives. LinkedIn not only helps to connect to other professional people, but, it also helps to generate leads for an organization or an individual business without violating the rules of the platform.

The following are the eight most important tips that can convert LinkedIn into a leads generating platform:

1. Improve connections:

Connections are the most important aspect in any social networking platform. The more the connection, the more will be the returns. Even though the number of connections matters a lot, it is also important to keep a check on the quality of the connections.

Connecting only to family members and friends will not help at all. One should not miss out on an opportunity if it is coming your way. Connect to as many relevant people as you can. The first line of connection opens up avenues to connect to second and third level connections. This will in turn help to improve the network and will help to generate lot of leads for the business.

Influencers are the key people who help in shaping an organization and they get involved at various levels of decision making. It will be very beneficial to connect to these influencers as they have a huge network working for them, following them, responding to them or reporting to them etc. This networking will increase the chances of widening the connections, thereby the sales leads.

2. Reaching out to people:

Reaching out to people is the next important tip to generate leads for a business. But there are certain things that should be kept in mind. For example, cold calling is not welcomed by many. Calling somebody without going through their professional profile, noting down the changes in their roles, likes and dislikes etc. may project lack of clarity. As LinkedIn is a professional networking site, people tend to change their roles, likes, dislikes, update their achievements etc. Before calling up somebody, it is advisable to go through the profile, gather sufficient information and then give it a try. This  helps to strike a sensible conversation.

3. Using Inmail:

Inmail is another interesting feature with LinkedIn. Inmails are considered to be more effective and fetches better response than cold calling. When reaching out to senior executives and other professional people, they have a highly guarded system, which filters out unwanted mails. But inmail is something which reaches the inbox directly and its chances of getting noticed is higher than any other channel.

Premium accounts in LinkedIn allows the users to send inmails. For a basic business account, the number of inmails are limited to three per month. The advantage of inmail is that, if it does not get any response, then LinkedIn refunds the credit. A research shows that inmails have 30 times more chances of getting responses than cold calling.

4. Use smarter search techniques:

LinkedIn has amazing search techniques. The advanced search techniques allows the user to look for people based on their profession, title, location and keyword etc. The paid accounts of LinkedIn allows further cool features like searching based on seniority level or company size etc. LinkedIn allows the user to save their search criteria. Whenever there is a new member joining LinkedIn with the specified criteria, LinkedIn will send a mail stating that. These advanced searches and updates help users to generate fresh leads for their business.

 5. Stay Informed:

Keeping yourself updated with all the happenings will automatically widen the horizon. There are many organizations or individuals who join, leave and make changes in their account. It is necessary as a user to stay informed about these changes about the organizations. This will help to connect with more and more people, thereby, generating leads.

 6. Join Groups:

Groups acts as a major source of information. There are various groups available over LinkedIn based on profession, likes, interests and followings etc. Joining these groups helps the individual to connect to more and more people. Once the interaction over groups begin, people are more receptive to individual’s ideas. This will help the user to push certain information about the business they run. The discussions happening over these groups will add to the knowledge bank and help acquiring prospective leads.

7. Make The Profile Speak:

Profile acts as the window to many opportunities. Setting up a strong and complete profile will automatically attract people. Outbound marketing where the user reaches out to people is important but, at the same time inbound flow is also possible wherein people visit the profile and enquire about the service. In that case, if the profile is not kept complete, then it may lead to poor projection.

One can include various links like twitter account and Facebook page etc. to the profile, so that people can visit these and get to know more about the person.

Profile views are also enhanced by including good recommendations from people especially from satisfied customers.

Profile must include the image as this leaves a good impression about the person.

8. Look back policy:

LinkedIn allows the user to know who have visited the profile unless the visitor has not turned the settings to anonymous. This is a nice feature which helps people to identify that people are taking interest and can immediately utilise this opportunity to connect with them. The basic account on LinkedIn will give limited information. On the other hand, the paid accounts will give a complete list of the visitors. One can use the keywords mentioned by visitors and search for the same. LinkedIn will list out all the people using that keyword including the one who visited the account. The user can look back to these profiles and send them a request to connect.

LinkedIn has a many useful features and if these features are used in an optimised way, it will definitely help to generate lot of prospective leads!!!

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