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8 Tips To Succeed With Complete Inbound Marketing Strategy

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Inbound strategies can effectively bridge the gap between ‘your efforts to sale your product’ and ‘customer willingness to purchase your product’. A mere advertisement campaign may not be sufficient to make your brand popular. You may easily earn popularity through different promotional and customer education programs. Only inbound marketing can make this possible. The following 8 tips are indispensable to succeed with the complete inbound marketing strategy:

1. Inbound marketing is all about an attitude and approach

Never try outbound tactics in inbound marketing. Also, don’t try to exploit digital and social media platforms exclusively for advertising your product or service. Accept this as the space where you’ve to strive for gaining publicity through great content and different promotional activities. Here, your publicity does not depend on the number of circulations (of a newspaper) but your potential for getting optimized in different search engines (SEO).

2. Keep the ratio of content, design and automation at 40:30:30

Obviously, the design and automation of infrastructure are important for success of your inbound strategy. But, the synergy of the entire system depends on the quality of your content, its integrity at your different digital platforms and its search potential.

3. Satisfy your customers throughout the engagement process

Remember, customer satisfaction cannot be achieved in a vacuum. First, you have to empower them through attractive and compelling IEC (Information, Education & Communication) materials and then lead them to be willing customers. Later, you may easily convert them as your registered customers. Here, the logic is to satisfy the customers to the maximum level during pre-purchase engagements than taking unjustified risks of attaining 100% customer satisfaction during post purchase transactions. It would be a wise decision if you could concentrate on informing, educating and communicating to your customers, so that they enjoy maximum satisfaction till they purchase your item or service.

4. Constantly improve the quality of content and IEC materials

Your success in inbound marketing depends on the quality of your content and its size or volume. You need to invest considerable time and resource in content development. It may include a strategic combination of blogs, articles, white papers, videos, biz cards, QR codes, infographic, newsletters, other free downloads, FAQs, etc.



5. Be unique in terms of your brand offerings and value addition to your customers

Identify your core skills, which are unique to your brand or product. Your offers too must be unique and distinctly visible in your domain or industry. It may include free downloads, webinars, online interaction with product manager, a free video tour of your manufacturing facility, an online quiz or test to qualify for a free gift/sample, a special discount, etc. Also, don’t forget to appreciate or say thanks to your audience/leads after they visit your site/page, leave an inquiry or post a comment, etc.

6. Never make a false promise or hope and be ethical always

Personal branding is very important. Be genuine, honest and transparent about what you offer and promise. Never promise what you cannot fulfill in terms of your ability, affordability and timeliness.

7. Be patient and optimistic

Never adopt an inbound strategy for short-term benefits or goal. Be optimistic about its scalability and longevity. Patiently wait to experience turn around of your business. Keep on improving your visibility and search engine rankings.

8. Judiciously use analytics and improve your business intelligence

Web analytics, Google analytics, Facebook analytics, etc., are very useful to understand your performance in the digital and social media space. Remember, analytics are not meant for winning the race, but to find opportunities to optimize lead generation and conversion. Analytics help you to improve your  business intelligence and motivation for hard work.



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