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American President Barck Obama Broke Records On Twitter In Just 5 Hours

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barackWho don’t know Barack Obama – He is the forty fourth president of United States of America. He joined Twitter on 18 May 2015 with the user name @POTUS. As soon as he joined Twitter he had 1 million fans. That is really something incredible. American President Barack Obama broke the records on Twitter in just 5 hours and in the Guinness Book of World record also this record is counted that is “Obama had 1 million of followers in just 5 hours on the day he joined Twitter”. Currently Obama has 3.19 million followers.

Where there is a great leader there are millions of followers. The same is the case with Barack Obama. Twitter is a social platform where real life events are highlighted instantly in the trending topic as soon as they occur. Same happened when USA President Barack Obama joined Twitter. Once he declared on his Tweet that it is his official Twitter account and he is personally going to deal directly in this account, the news spread across the Twitter platform like a fire in the jungle. Barack Obama had Twitter account previously also, but it was not managed by him, his account on Twitter was in the name of The White house (@whitehouse) and Barack Obama (@BarackObama) and it was managed by the White House staff.

Barack Obama Twitter Account

President Obama Twitter Account

When this time he joined Twitter he officially tweets that it is Barack Obama and the tweets will be coming directly from the President. As soon as he twitted, reading his this tweet there was an anxiety amongst the people they almost raised their brows thinking is he really a president tweeting or someone has played a prank. But white house made it clear; they promised that the tweets from this account will be exclusively from the President – Barack Obama.

People saw this tweet of White House and could not stop themselves from following Obama. Obviously the prime reason was now they can directly communicate with the President of America himself. Getting a great chance to know from the horse’s mouth about what he thinks on particular happening of event or on any current issue. Also the platform gives it a fair chance to discuss or raise some issue directly to PRESIDENT OF AMERICA. Cool isn’t it.

 Barack Obama’s first Tweet on Twitter

Obam first tweet

On the day when Barack Obama joined Twitter, there was a fun conversation between Obama and Bill Clinton (the Ex-President of America).

Barack Obama tweet with Bill Clinton

Conversation wid bill

(@FLOTUS is the username of Barack Obama’s wife Michelle Obama)

Barack Obama continues to be active on his Twitter account and he remains in touch with the people around the Globe. From his tweets one can make out that he is addressing people concern very well.  He also raises many events for social awareness.

Obama addressing the issue, concern raised

Obama people

It is a good move by Barack Obama. People feel closer to their president and think he is concerned about them. Being a President of a Country, that too of such big Country, it is very necessary that you can make your people feel touched, heard, acted.

It has now become common to have an account on Social Media Sites. In India many celebrities and politicians have account on Twitter, like Salman Khan. Users can simply follow them and share their views. Celebrities and politicians share their personal opinions, views on real life stories, events they are going to attend or attended, any place they are going to visit, upcoming movies they are working on, any noble cause they are part of. The people also raise social awareness through this platform, People generally follow Celebrities in many ways, and they have a great fan club. It is easy, convenient and influential medium for Celebrities to attract their followers towards some cause. The medium can definitely makes a difference.

In India majority of the big shot like Prime Minister Sri. Narendra Modi are active on Twitter. They tweets on many ongoing  issues in India. If you follow the Prime Minister of your Country then you can know what he is doing for the country.  What he thinks on particular agenda or social subject. The platform gives you a fair chance to know about your Social icon or person of your interest. Today the mediums are very strong. You name any famous personality and you can find them active on the Social Platform.

 Narendra Modi on his Twitter AccountNarendra Modi

Twitter is one of the most Powerful Social site. It is a micro blogging site which allows the user across the world to share information, speak on the current trends and so on. Unlike Facebook, it offers transparency to the users. User can view, re-tweet and reply to any ones post. They can join the conversations of their interest in real-time, any Current happening on the go. Not only that it creates social awareness on various subjects, but also its gives a chance to know how the majority of the people are thinking. You can even create an event where people can participate in real-time, have debates and also can also poll opinions on various matters.

Image Credit: Twitter

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