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How to frame a superb subject line?

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Many may agree that when they open their inbox they may find several mails, either from social networking sites for alerting about likes, comments, statutes or promotional and personal mails. Due to lack of subject lines some people delete their emails unknowingly.

Thus it is important to use proper subject lines according to the email being send. Even the words in the subject line have a strong effect.

Here are some of the guidelines to ensure that the subject lines attract the user to click on it:

  • There should be clarity in the subject
    The marketers should be clear in their subject lines. The subject lines should be easily understandable so that the user get attracted towards their email and just not delete it.
  • Action oriented verbs should be used
    Use of action oriented verbs inspires the users to click and read the mail. Such verbs in the subject lines instils an urgency and excitement in the user to read the mail.
  • Address the needs of users
    The marketers should write subjects lines to address the needs of the users. They should get into the shoes of the user when writing the subject line. Subject lines should contain such language that users use in their day to day life and which they find familiar to them.
  • Personalization
    Email’s subject lines should be personalized so that the recipient thinks that the company knows them more than just their email address. The marketers can add recipient’s first name and their location.
  • Should be short and brief
    Email subject lines should not be too long. The subject line should contain less than 50 words so that the reader scanning their email can read the entire subject line. it also becomes easy for mobile devices if short subject lines are used.
  • Consistency should be maintained
    Whatever subject line contains it should be well delivered in the email also. It should not be like the subject lines contains a 50% discount coupon and the email does not contain any such information. This way the users feel that they are being bluffed by using an attractive subject line and then they will stop opening emails of that particular company. This leads to low open-click through and higher unsubscribes.
  • Small preview in the subject line
    The subject line should consist a little information about what the users are going to get in their email before opening it.


Thus following these guidelines one can create an irresistible subject lines and which attracts users to click on it as soon as they see it.

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