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Are You Making These 10 Big Social Media Marketing Mistakes?

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Social Media Marketing is a great marketing option that has been presented to the marketers by the internet. Social Media Marketing is expected to be the next revolution since the IT boom. Today, it is one of the most effective form of marketing that allows a business owner to reach millions of people across the world.

However, it is very easy to run a very bad campaign on social media because of lack of strategy and planning. At the same time, with good strategy and planning, a very good campaign can be run. There are rules that one must follow for a successful campaign but there are also mistakes that one must avoid. There are ten Social Media Mistakes that must be refrained from in order to succeed.

1. Only concerned about sale

A very common mistake that most business owners make is trying to sell only on social media. Social media is not a medium to sell but to build relationships that will lead to sales. The opportunity to build relationship by engaging with people is immense in social media. Business owners should leverage the opportunity to first try to build a relationship with their potential customers and then should try to sell. Only asking people to buy instead of developing a relationship with them turns them off.

2. Talking to the wrong people

It is very important to have a clear cut plan and a strategy to execute it, before starting a campaign on Social media. Lack of planning can lead a business owner to talk to anyone who is willing to talk which is counterproductive. There is a niche market for every business present on social media that should be targeted. It is important to hire someone with specific Social Media experience who can execute the plan by targeting the right people.

3. Asking to re-tweet/share content but never talking to them

It is very selfish on the part of business owners to ask people to share and re-tweet their content who they otherwise do not communicate with. Experience shows people do not promote a company who hasn’t added some kind of value to their lives. It is very important for a business owner to try and find out ways they can help people. For instance, it could be an information they are looking for.  This builds trust which is a very important ingredient for success in selling. The opportunity to have a two-way communication on social media is unprecedented and this opportunity should be utilized.

4. Publishing the same message on all channels

Every social media channel is different and therefore, the content and style of messages should also be different for each channel. Each message is unique to each channel and must not be used on another channel. A message that is appropriate for Facebook marketing will be very different from the message on Twitter. Therefore, messages should be tailored according to the specific social media channel.

5. Focusing on number not quality

This is a common mistake of business owners to be obsessed with the number of followers on their profile page. The focus instead should be on the quality of interaction people are having with the company and vice versa. The people who inquire, ask questions, share personal testimonial are more important than just passive followers. A lot of people to follow or like a company profile does not mean good engagement is happening. It also does not lead to a sale.

6. Not posting frequently and regularly

Consistency is the key with regards to daily posts. It is important to follow and schedule and post regularly to keep people engaged. If no one knows when the next post is going to be, they easily lose interest and it breaks the engagement. A regular schedule of posts proves dependability and consistency of the message.

7. Not monitoring what people are saying

Keeping an eye on the online activity related to one’s business is very important. Before a purchase, people like to read online reviews and place trust on it than advertisement. Staying in touch with what others are writing online about the business will provide invaluable feedback.

8. No Social Media Policy

Every company should have a clearly articulated social media policy. There should be no confusion whether an employee can check their social media accounts at work or if they can post on behalf of the company. These policies should be laid out before every employee to avoid confusion and miscommunication.

9. Deleting negative comments

This is a big mistake on social media. When somebody posts a negative comment, it should be seen as an opportunity to respond with empathy and provide a solution. A negative comment often means someone is not happy with something and therefore, effort should be made to get to the root of the problem and rectify it. This helps to increase the credibility of the company/business.

10. Sending automated messages to followers

Most people avoid such message and consider them to be spam. Messages should be customized for each person and should be sent directly to the person one is trying to connect with. Sending automated bulk messages to everyone at the same time is counterproductive to a meaningful engagement.

The ten points mentioned will help business owners to engage effectively with their target market ensuring successful marketing campaign on Social Media. Social media provides a great opportunity to have a two-way communication with people which the traditional marketing medium fail to provide. This opportunity should be exploited by first paying attention to what people are saying as this will help to engage with them effectively. An effective engagement builds trust and credibility which is pivotal for success in sales.

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