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Are You Making These 3 Biggest Social Media Marketing Mistakes?

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Are You Making These 3 Biggest Social Media Marketing Mistakes?Social media is a powerful marketing tool in any business these days. Social media is often acting as a double-edged sword as it can be very damaging to a brand reputation when any mistakes happen during the campaign. It is better to avoid such mistakes in the beginning itself before it is getting too late.

There are few things that one must watch out for and take precautionary measures against such big social media marketing mistakes.

1. Posting Too Much Self Promoting Content On Social  Media Channels

This mistake is being committed by many companies and individuals alike. People are often found posting content that talk more about themselves and their business. This is a big turn off for many followers and fans on social media channels. Research studies show that an individual or a company that talk more about themselves, their product and services are more likely to get less number of followers and instead get more and more people to ‘unfollow’ them.

Avoid making self referential tweets and Facebook posts. Converse more about the topics that may interest the target audience.

Are You Making These 3 Biggest Social Media Marketing Mistakes?2. Being Impatient

Organizations and individuals often get excited about the opportunities and exposure that they get from the social media channels initially. In the beginning, they feel that they could make their company successful or they could be a great author by popularizing their name or brand on social media channels.

This initial enthusiasm will eventually drive them to show their presence on different social media channels online and initiate with varieties of promotional activities only to realize that they need to wait patiently to get good results.

Social media is more about strategy; strategy for content, strategy for action and strategy for networking with other community members. One need to wait and see which one is going to embrace success and which one is getting sidelined and to get picked up later down the road.

Are You Making These 3 Biggest Social Media Marketing Mistakes? 3. Considering social media is for one way communication is another mistake

Social media is meant for two way communication, but it is often noticed that many companies do forget this fact. The audience does not want to see a lot of marketing effort from the brand by way of regular promotional messages  posted in their News feed.

Business people and associates need to realize that a social media is an interactive platform that offers a unique opportunity for the marketers to connect and engage with prospects and thereby to build a long term relationship between them.

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