Australian Rezdy Software Used Inbound Marketing To Achieve 500% Increase In Leads

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rezdyAbout Rezdy Software:

It is a business to business (B2B) company dealing in online reservation software. The software is meant for attractions and tours in and around Sydney (Australia). It had limited resources initially, when it entered in the market of reliable tools and marketing staff.

Business Objectives of Rezdy Software

As a new company, its main challenges were limited resources, lack of marketing staff as well as trustworthy marketing tools. In addition to the limitations with respect to resources and time, Rezdy Software faced problems in determining the right type of content that should be produced and various ways to optimize it for search. The company intended to achieve high traffic and lead generation and  to sustain a robust program for lead nurturing and increase sales.

Approaches/ Strategies Adopted By Rezdy Software:

Rezdy Software built a real marketing engine. It optimized the blog posts with the help of SEO tools and grabbed the chance of high ranking on Google search without investing any undue amount for the same. Once the content is ready and optimized, it is auto-published on various social media platforms. The effectiveness of lead generation and conversions on different social media platforms were measured.

Results Achieved By Rezdy Software:

The results obtained by Rezdy Software through the above mentioned marketing strategy were worth serious appreciation. The major ones are summarised below-

  • There was 3.8 times increase in web traffic
  • Lead generation increased by 5 times


The strategy adopted by Rezdy Software is a classic example showcasing how the combination of different inbound marketing strategies can be employed to achieve the seemingly distant goals. Social media marketing, content marketing and SEO were the 3 marketing types that were clubbed together intelligently. Thus, facilitating the smooth sailing of business operations and finally reaching the pinnacle.

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