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Case of the Week 2 (Digital Marketing | Aug 9-16, 2010): Online Advertising

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Continuing with our Case of the Week Series, this week we are focusing on “Online Advertising”, an important aspect of Digital Marketing.

Let’s crack this Case of the Week -2

You are the Head of Marketing of a small IT company. The company plans to diversify and is planning to launch an eLearning product. However, it has only limited time and budget for promoting this product to test the market. If the pilot goes successful, there is a high probability of getting investment for the long term. Which of the following promotion strategies would you recommend?

A. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
B. PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertisement
C. TV Advertisement

D. Newspaper Advertisement
E. Trade Fair Participation

Answer: The correct answer is (B), PPC – Pay Per Click Advertisement.

Answering pattern revealed that some of you would like to use Traditional Advertising modes – like Newspaper, TV and Trade Fair Participation, but remember this was a pilot with limited budget and time span. Cost constraint would be one of the reasons for not choosing these channels.

Interestingly some of you answered Social Media (though it wasn’t amongst probable answers), which is definitely one of the potential tools in this kind of situation. Provided, ‘time & cost’ are considered and one uses ‘crowd-sourcing’ opportunity of Social Media along with some cost effective, targeted Social Media advertising (e.g. Facebook).

SEO could have been a good option considering ‘cost constraint’ but since we have limited time span, SEO is also ruled out.

So PPC would be the best answer as it would allow the company to get prompt responses and that too with option of beginning it at a stipulated time, along with provision of restricting it to a targeted budget.

We hope you find this relevant and useful. If you would like to continuous engage in such cases about Digital Marketing, join us and follow us at our Digital Marketing Learning Community on Facebook. Please feel free to share your inputs and interest areas for future Cases of the Week.

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