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AIRflow at Scale: Webinar Recording

     -     Jul 13th, 2018   -     Data Analytics, Webinars   -     0 Comments   -    , ,

This webinar on ‘AIRflow at Scale’ covered the walkthrough of how Qubole extended Apache AIRflow to manage the operational inefficiencies that arise when you manage data pipelines in a multi-tenant environment. And also the process of making the data pipelines robust by adding data quality checks using CheckOperators. Key Takeaways: Listed below are the other […]

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How to Use Marketing Automation to Convert More Leads to Sales: Webinar Recording

Are you aware of the fact to generate leads, marketers MUST perform Marketing Automation, especially in the current scenario? Interestingly, on an average, 51% of companies are currently using Marketing Automation. With more than half of B2B companies i.e. ~58% plan to adopt the technology. Furthering to this, Salesforce ‘State of Marketing’ reports that over […]

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10X SEO – My Secret Sauce to #1 Rankings on Google: Webinar Recording

The answer to all questions and information from a pin to a mountain can be found on ‘Google’ – the search engine giant. From knowing about education, to news, to healthcare to buying products, Google is the go-to-place without a say!  Thus, it is imperative for marketers to understand the key to score #1 rankings on […]

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Native Advertising: Changing Digital Advertising Landscape – Webinar Recording

Wikipedia defines Native Advertising as the type of advertising, mostly online, that matches the form and function of the platform upon which it appears. Sharing in-depth insights on the concept of Native, Samir Tiwari, Co-founder & CEO, Non Lineaar defined it as the form of paid media where ad experience follows the natural and function of […]

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Personal Branding Using Social Media: Webinar Recording

Branding is an inevitable activity for not only business entities but also for individuals who want to flourish as a brand. To ensure the essentiality of planning the basics of social footprint, learning about best practices from social media gurus and adding social media personal branding as a habitual activity, Karthik Srinivasan, National Lead, Social, Ogilvy & […]

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Anomaly Detection Using Machine Learning In Industrial IoT: Webinar Recording

     -     Mar 17th, 2018   -     Data Analytics, Webinars   -     0 Comments   -    , , , ,

Abirami R., a Data Scientist at Flutura and a budding game changer in the Data  Science fraternity, led an interactive webinar on the concept of anomaly detection using machine learning in Industrial IoT. Key Takeaways post webinar: To identify anomalies in any process or data, we first need to identify what is normal or acceptable. […]

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Vishal Mishra, CEO & Co-Founder, Right Relevance on Path to Succeed in Data Science Space

There are no 2 ways about the fact that Data Science is creating a stir in the market! The science that deals with both structured and unstructured data, combines mathematics, statistics, capturing data in intelligent ways, programming, problem-solving, data cleansing, knowing how to look at things from a different view, preparing and aligning the data. And, building a […]

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The Secret To SEO Success In 2018 | Webinar Recording

     -     Feb 12th, 2018   -     Webinars   -     0 Comments   -    , , ,

As long as search engines exist, SEO isn’t going away. Sure, with advances in technology, best practices have changed over the years, but some are still unaffected. So where should you focus your SEO efforts on in 2018? Well, we all know that Google has over 200 ranking factors, but you likely won’t have the time […]

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Spark Structured Streaming on The Cloud: Introduction To Internals | Webinar Recording

Apache Spark has been gaining steam, with rapidity, both in the headlines and in real-world adoption. Spark was developed in 2009, and open sourced in 2010. Since then, it has grown to become one of the largest open source communities in big data with over 200 contributors from more than 50 organizations. This open source analytics engine […]

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