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The Social Acceptability Index: A Hypothetical Variable To Determine A Brand’s Success

Social acceptability is a cultural construct which is used as a research variable in business research. Be its  strategy, approach, style, method, technology, brand, product or service, everything requires acceptance from different sections of society. Generally we measure the success of any business strategy or brand, through scientific measurement of output or results, which may […]

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Social Media: Space for everybody

Today, Let’s rewind our lives back to the epoch of the 90’s where people do have businesses, factories or small and medium enterprises which were overshadowed or dominated by rich people or big dealers, big companies or high profile people. That time, only few large industries were up there where people around and communities tend […]

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When should you not personalise your marketing?

     -     Feb 17th, 2014   -     WhyTo   -     0 Comments   -    

Personalisation or one to one marketing is very much in vogue simply because digital capabilities of companies have matured. There is no shortage of tools, services and products available to automate the personalisation process to make it more rewarding both for your customers and for yourself. Personalisation can prove profitable only if it is done […]

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Why do you have to respond on social media?

     -     Feb 13th, 2014   -     WhyTo   -     0 Comments   -    

Social media has fast become the place of interaction for brands with their users. Users frequently check-in at a place they visit like a restaurant or a famous brand store. Most importantly people take reviews of friends on social networks about a particular brand. This becomes the ideal place to see the interactions and conversations […]

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Five marketing metrics CEO is concerned about

     -     Feb 12th, 2014   -     WhyTo   -     0 Comments   -    

Those days of CMO are gone who was fluent in metrics, spreadsheets, and analytics. Internet has made marketing more appreciable and accountable to CEO and CFO than before. But still it is frequently heard from CMO that they are struggling to find the right metrics to get them credibility with CEO and CFO. According to […]

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Are you preventing your sales reps from using CRM?

     -     Feb 10th, 2014   -     WhyTo   -     0 Comments   -    

CRM or Customer relationship Management is the best tool that acts as a bridge and a connecting tool between the organization and customer. With companies growing bigger, customer and product related data become sensitive, and growing with each day it is necessary to have a system in place, which exactly takes care of this. CRM […]

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Why do your marketing plans suck?

     -     Feb 7th, 2014   -     WhyTo   -     0 Comments   -    

We all fail, fall and get up, learn from our mistakes and take the best actions to get the most out of our experience. This is not just with our personal lives but also concerned with the decisions that we take at work, and if you are a marketing professional you would know what I’m […]

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Finding out if call tracking is right for your business

     -     Feb 6th, 2014   -     WhyTo   -     0 Comments   -    

Many advertisers do business over the phone. Phone calls are as valuable as clicks to their website. With businesses offering more varieties and custom products and services to cater to individual consumers, prospects often prefer to speak to someone in person. Call tracking thus comes into picture; however it still remains one of the most […]

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Why should you re design your website?

     -     Feb 3rd, 2014   -     WhyTo   -     0 Comments   -    

Property and land prices are ever increasing and will continue to rise, causing brick and mortar models to fade. Internet on the other hand, with its virtually endless space is flourishing. A website thus becomes the most strategic investment a business makes and just like renovation of brick and mortar business, remodelling of a website […]

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Why Do People Unsubscribe From Your Newsletters?

     -     Jan 27th, 2014   -     WhyTo   -     0 Comments   -    

Given several other inbound outlets at disposal, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the like, email marketing is losing its importance, while some email marketing haters believe that email marketing just doesn’t work for some companies. But no matter what business you are in, you need leads, and marketers cannot ignore the fact that email […]

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