Top 11 Conversion Rate Optimization For Big Gains

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Landing page is the most important page to increase the conversion rate of your website.

“In general, the industry believes that there must be at least 27.4% conversion rate for your landing pages.”

Needless to say that a good landing page is important to increase the revenue through visitors signing up and ultimately increasing sales. You need to play out of your constrained boundaries to present the best design, style and copy to your audience.

So let’s get talking about the “how” of it.

Before you start creating a new landing page or optimising an existing one, be clear about your objectives. Ask yourself:

⇒ How would you exhibit your data to create attractive offers?

⇒ Are the offers appealing enough to drive conversions?

⇒ How to create the best user experience that can help you with conversions?

    Once you are satisfied with your answers, get started.

    Some landing page mistakes hinder your business success; these may be irrelevant headings or poor use of the CTAs (call-to-action) button. If you are trapped in a whirlpool of errors and cannot get to the conversion rate of more than 2-4 percent, here are the best practices to bring you to the above 27.4%.

    Top 11 Conversion Rate Optimization For Big Gains

    1. Make the Experience Hassle-Free: 

    Your main objective is to convert your visitors into customers. You may end up in the big bounce back if the user experience is confusing. Don’t litter your page with multiple/ pop-up offers. You may have a number of offers – not a big deal – display only the most relevant one. Essentially everything must be crisp and user-friendly.

    “Less is more, keeping it simple takes time and efforts” – Jeff Ballos

    To achieve high conversions, landing page must be minimal and to the point. It takes time to be a minimalist but the value is incredible. Limit your user journey path to his desired content, photos/videos, and a single CTA button.

    Treat your customers with an easy journey

    Treat your customers with an easy journey  Source – ThemeFisher

    2. Show a Red Flag to Stock Photos 

    This one is done a lot! We usually limit ourselves to high-quality stock photos. The page may be appealing but you face a credibility drop-off. Many case studies have revealed the effectiveness of using photographs of company’s own employees driving positive results. 

    Come up with a similar idea of framing your own employees on your page, or maybe your customers. This helps the audience to relate to the real-life scenario and connect in a better way.

    3. Customise the CTA Button With a Strong Phrase 

    A CTA button is the most highlighted element of your landing page. Example using ‘create a free account’ instead of ‘sign up’ drives more conversations. Similarly, offer something instead of demanding something else. 

    The phrase here must be able to drive the benefits home. 

    Customise CTA to increase conversion rate

    Customise CTA to increase conversion rate  Source-sitepronews

    4. Use Appropriate Colours 

    Colours communicate ideas. They have distinct effects on human behaviour. Blue is the trust seal, red is for emergency, white is for peace and so forth. Studies have revealed that website colours affect human mood. You may lose conversion rates if the users don’t engage in your website with a good mood.

    Match the colour palette with your concept. Use the contrasting and highlighting colour for the CTA button.

    Check out the colour psychology wheel to frame your concept

    Check out the colour psychology wheel to frame your concept Source-pinterest

    5. Say No to Automatic Image Carousels

    Image carousels are fun in many ways but using them for informative banners is a bad idea. The visitor may lose sight of useful information, thus leading to low conversion rates. Keep the landing page easy for the visitor to explore. Make use of static images to engage the users.

    6. Placement of CTA Button affects your conversion rate

    No matter how well you go with the colour of the CTA key, it’s woolly placement can lower your conversion rates. According to a study, about 80 percent of the visitors inbound themselves above the fold. 

    Although risky, it’s not irrelevant to place the CTA button below the fold. You can make use of cues or stories to direct the user to the button regardless of its placement.

    A secret to optimize your lead conversion

    A secret to optimize your lead conversion  Source- gosquared

    7. Include a Video for high transformations

    Visuals speak louder than text. A short video of 2- 3 minutes keeps the visitor engaged. Real-life video wraps the seal of trust. The video must present your product in action for a better understanding and higher conversion rates.

     8. Create a Sense of Scarcity and Urgency

    The countdown icon on your landing page creates a sense of urgency. It is an anxiety-based psychological phenomenon called FOMO (Fear of missing out) which makes the visitor uncomfortable and creates an urge to act at once.Use the scarcity fear – the phenomenon which allures the mind to get attracted with limited offers.

    The offers may be like:

     ⇒ ‘Only 5 left’ 

     ⇒ ‘Trending’

     ⇒  ’26 booked in one hour’

    • Rush your customer’s mind to take action at once

      Rush your customer’s mind to take action at once              Source-websiteplanet


    9. Highlight Your Contact Information 

    Contact information is a bridge to connect the organisation to the users. Emphasising it ensures the users that you can be easily reached for their queries. 

    A survey by Neil Patel stated that there was an increase of 53.96% signups when the phone number was added compared to 46.04% when it was not added.

    Share your contact information on the top

    Share your contact information on the top

    10.Increase your conversion rate with Head-Turning Headline 

    The headline is the most noticeable element which draws the user to your landing page. The headline must be informative and attractive. You may use the psychological factors like the word ‘free’ to grab their attention or ‘numbers’(10,5…..) which propel them to open blog and read at least the subheadings.

    11. Showcase Testimonials

    Share with your visitors how different you are from your competitors. Enhance your page with credited testimonials to create faith. Testimonials create a lot of trust.

    Customer attention is also seen to increase when you showcase testimonials. There are some constrained bars of displaying the testimonials:

    ⇒ These must be in simple language

    ⇒ Avoid the risk of using any fake content

    ⇒ Use the relevant credits


    Landing pages are data-based designs. All the above factors are highly determining to bring out conversions from landing pages. Relevant data, original images, and easy-go videos are your success calculators. Be a minimalist when you craft your page. Keep it simple and pertinent, take your time, and hence ease the real-time experience of users to get maximum results.

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