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Creating A Digital State At 9th India Digital Summit, IAMAI

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The Internet & Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) got registered under Societies Act, 1896 with an objective to enhance online and mobile value added services. The association plays an important role in the development of Internet and Mobile economy and helps in creating awareness about digital economy, evaluate and suggest quality standards to the industry, conducting research, and developing platforms for its members. It came up as a voice of industry so as to create favorable business environment.

Digital Media is no more at an evolving state. It has already been evolved and contributing majorly in various sectors. Hence, IAMAI has organized 9th India Digital Summit in New Delhi with an objective of bringing more than 300 companies and over 100 industry leaders at a single platform. These industry experts represents different domains like FMCG, Travel, Technology, Investors, Government, etc.

During this conference, one of the session was on how Canada came up as a Digital State globally. It was led by Brian Parrott, Minister (Commercial), Govt. of Canada. Some of the takeaways of this session are mentioned below, which clearly states that Canada is growing at a very fast pace in a digital media:

  • Canada is considered to be home of big ideas and few key features which make Canada a winning platform are its business friendly and innovative approach; economic and competitive solutions; skilled workforce; and outstanding quality.
  • Session clearly states that Canada is not only an innovative state but also a global platform for many companies to take services from.
  • Canada heavily look forward to an opportunity where it can leverage India’s innovative system and find this conference as one platform which attracts people across the globe. This conference majorly helps in sharing the success stories from industry leaders across borders.
  • Canada is a pioneer in digital media industry as Canadians have been involved in various technology driven things like video game development since 1989 etc.
  • The breath of Canada is digital media industry and it heavily contributes in web design, social media etc. Hence, Canada is one of the foremost sectors to invest in digital gaming industry and continues to grow with major contribution in the same.
  • Canada has 309 video game studios and is proud to say that it develops 1 out of 7 top console games in globe. Canadian studios are also heavily involved in commercials.
  • The animation in digital media industry in Canada serves to be as an important economy in digital for the country.
  • It is a larger software market and possess a strong community to check cyber crime.
  • Canada also offers unique advantages for wireless communication. When some speaks about next generation network, Canada is majorly looked into as one updated platform for the same. 4G technology is already available and Canada is heavily working on it.
  • In India, lot of company are already collaborating with Canadian services and both countries come up as natural partners for technology and innovation.
  • Canada is already leading in cloud computing and possess large big data centers at low costs.

So to conclude, this session clearly states that Canada is one of the leading market and serves to be as a digital state for rest of the countries. There are 1.2 million Canadians with Indian origin and Indian PM will also be visiting Canada this year. Such ties between the two countries will contribute majorly in technology space and will be helpful for both the countries. India is of course gaining recognition in the digital world and Canadian companies located at India feel happy to serve India with its services.

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