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Generally it has been observed that sales rep approach their clients and prospects by pointing out their accomplishments. In addition to buttering the prospects, those flattering statements makes the sales rep feel that they have done their homework, means they know and understand their prospects very well and therefore they know how to help them.

But the problem here is that people are not trustful of flattery from strangers. It makes people feel uncomfortable. There are also ways to compliment someone without making them feel uneasy. So the same goes for sales. Thus here are some tips on what to search about a client.


  • When reviewing a LinkedIn profile go straight to the associations/network/groups section, means what group the prospect belong to and what sort of role do they play in the association.
  • Now leave LinkedIn and start-up searching the association they belong with the person’s name. Look for whether the person has been interviewed for their organization’s magazine or newsletter or have they shared any commentary in a blog on their own twitter account.
  • Show interest on what prospect has said in a comment in his group. Don’t focus on what you know about but on what they said instead. It a less intrusive approach. It gives an easier focal point to a conversation.



  • Mention about the sources. Never say “I heard “or “I understand”. This types of language is aggressive. Sometimes it is even insulting. The client is actually aware that the sales rep has already referred Google or LinkedIn to extract information about him. Just mention this.
  • Stop trying to be credible and curious. Embrace the ignorance. It is considerably attractive. Just make it clear that you are not any expert. Showing them that you are quite vulnerable and it can be expressed that you know very little about them.


When trying to show interest on what the prospect has said in a comment in his group, do mention that you were not a member of that group. It may sound trivial, but it is an important statement to include because it keeps the sales rep from being known to everything about the client and even the client feels like an expert.

At some point switch roles, sales rep can act like the one leading the way and begin the conversation by handing over the power in the prospect’s hands. In this case the prospect looks eager to open up.

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