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Database Service Startup CloudBoost Selected For Startup Chile Programme

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Hyderabad-based innovation startup CloudBoost, has been chosen for Startup Chile program.


Startup Chile is an accelerator program that pulls in right on time stage, high-potential business visionaries to bootstrap startup utilizing Chile as a stage to go worldwide. With respect to Startup Chile program; it is a development center point to achieve new businesses in Latin American economies to pull in ahead of schedule stage, high-potential business people to bootstrap their new companies in Chile. The project offers $35k in value free financing to business people to incidentally move to Santiago, Chile for a year amid their starting/improvement stage. Startup Chile has graduated more than 1000 new businesses from its accelerator program.

CloudBoost, which was established in 2014, is an Applyifi portfolio startup chose in its first bunch of new companies a month ago. The organization is a cross breed database-as-an administration that makes it simple for designers to influence different sorts of databases with a straightforward interface/SDK. The organization guaranteed that in two months of its dispatch it had served more than 10M+ API Calls.


Prajakt Raut who propelled, with an expect to overcome any issues in the middle of business visionaries and investors said, “Cloudboost is tending to a huge, developing business sector with an in number differentiator item that gives an exceptionally important worth recommendation to its clients. They are tackling brands like Parse and Firebase.”

Prajakt is enthusiastic that CloudBoost can be an intriguing programming item story from India. Applyifi was propelled in April this year to unite high-potential new companies to accelerators, incubators, angel investors and institutional investors. The stage surveys startup profiles and gives investors a nitty gritty evaluation report and a 36-point scorecard on the curated high-potential new businesses. This thus gives significant bits of knowledge to originators to fortify their business case. A month ago Applyifi curated 18 new companies to showcase investors in which CloudBoost scored 106 (out of a greatest 114).

Use CloudBoost to include information stockpiling, inquiry, reserve charts, and constant database administration to your applications. The CloudBoost API gives database administrations to assembling applications. CloudBoost gives broad API documentation to point by point guidelines on setting up an application database. The REST API utilizes JSON over HTTP with HTTP Basic Auth for verification.

The CloudBoost API is recorded under the Database classification. The need for business agility, cost reductions and risk control is driving the adoption of the Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) model by enterprises all over the world. Databases are a key component of any business application and therefore the agility in provisioning and managing Database services has a direct impact on the business.

Companies are adopting the Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) model both by rearchitecting their internal IT database infrastructure (Private DBaaS) or by moving some database workloads to Public Clouds. Eventually, most enterprises will have a mix of Private DBaaS and Public DBaaS services, in what will constitute a Hybrid Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) platform.

Connect Cloudant Local, Cloudant DBaaS and Cloudant Sync to create a distributed hybrid data cloud for increased performance, reach, uptime, mobility and cost savings:

  • Start small, grow big.
  • Elastically scale on demand.
  • Clusters can span multiple data centers or to the Cloudant SoftLayer environment.
  • Manage your cloud yourself, or let Cloudant manage it for you.
  • Mix and match cloud providers to optimize geographic reach, service level agreements (SLAs), pricing and regulatory requirements.

This is the path to hybrid cloud that accommodates growing data management needs, not infrastructure needs. Cloudant allows our clients to continuously optimize the data layer for cost, performance, security and reach. Clients can break up their data, distribute it and move it closer to their users.

IBM understands that giant central repositories don’t scale well, but lots and lots of smaller databases do. With Cloudant, these small databases can be local, remote and mobile. Selected data can be protected from leaving the premises for security reasons. Clients no longer have to deploy the dependent middleware to deliver database requests. They can connect applications directly to their database. Managing engagement and application data for massive networks of mobile users or remote devices can be a scalability and availability nightmare.

The problem is that most databases require updates to occur in a central “master” database. This can result in performance bottlenecks and also prevent client apps from running if the connection to the master database is unavailable. Hybrid cloud services enables you to push database access to the farthest edge of the network, such as mobile devices, remote facilities, sensors and Internet-enabled goods, so you can scale bigger and enable client apps to continue running while offline.

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