How to find best Digital Marketing Classes in India

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As a digital marketing influencer & blogger, I have been asked this question ‘How to choose right Digital Marketing Classes’ 100s of times.

This question varies with the profiles of the person who asks it- And some of those variations are-

  • Marketing Professional- How Digital Marketing classes can help me grow in my career
  • Entrepreneur- How Digital Marketing will help me grow my business
  • Sales Professional- Are there Digital Marketing classes online relevant for me
  • Student- How Digital Marketing classes can help me build a rewarding career in Digital Marketing industry
  • Already into Digital Marketing- What is the right Digital Marketing classes online to accelerate my career growth
  • Business head- How enrolling into Digital Marketing classes optimize my ROI
  • IT Professional- Why should I enroll in a Digital Marketing Class
  • HR professional- How Digital Marketing is relevant to me

This post will discuss all these in detail, starting with-

1. How to choose best Digital Marketing Classes in India

Then we will understand-

2. Benefits of Digital Marketing Classes based on the Profile of a participant

And finally, we will go through the-

3. Reasons behind ever-increasing demand of Digital marketing classes

So, let us delve into the first section and understand how you can choose the right Digital Marketing class and understand it in detail-

How to Find Best Suited Digital Marketing Classes in India

Now, we have come to the first section of this post i.e. tips to choose the right Digital Marketing Classes for you.

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If you are interested in joining Digital Marketing classes in India then refer to below given parameters carefully-

Parameters you need to pay heed upon while choosing Digital Marketing Classes-

  • Know your Objective, Interests and Future Goals

  1. You should ask yourself why you actually want to join digital marketing class- for career growth, for business growth, for job purposes or for anything else
  2. In ensuring success in any particular field, interest plays one of the most significant roles. Having interest in learning new things everyday is must to be a pro digital marketer
  3. Before you enroll yourself in a Digital Marketing class, setting up your future goals is must to align your training as per your goal
  • Know the right Digital Marketing Careers for you

  1. You do not need any Specific Technical Knowledge, Academic Qualification or Programming Knowledge to become a digital marketing expert
  2. Digital Marketing Careers are as rewarding as any other IT or MBA careers
  3. There are variety of Digital Marketing careers and by training in SEO, SEM, SMO, PPC, Email Marketing, Analytics, Affiliate Marketing, Inbound Marketing, etc. you can easily ensure the success for you
  4. If you do not have any specific knowledge about digital marketing, then enrolling in any basic Digital Marketing course would be best fit for you
  • Rank of the Digital Marketing Training Institute on Search Engines

  1. You should check for the rank that your training institute has among its competitors. You should check if your training institute rank within top 3 search results for its Primary Keywords. For instance, if you search for ‘Digital Marketing training’ then the best digital marketing institute should have place in topmost search results
  2. Google Adwords Techniques will also help you check whether the Primary Keywords of your training institute rank within the top 3 Ads in Search results
  3. Looking over the online presence of your Digital Marketing Classes is another way to learn about your training institute. You can go to their Social Media Pages such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. and comprehend how they use these profiles to promote their services and how their clients respond
  4. Going through reviews, testimonials and people’s recommendation will help you choose the best Digital Marketing class for you
  • Experience in Digital Marketing Training

  1. Choosing training institutes that are there in Digital Marketing field for maximum number of years would be really fruitful for you in so many ways
  2. Years of experience in particular industry establishes the credibility of any brand, plus, it also tells how much job assistance and which kind of study material the training institute will provide
  • Digital Marketing Classes Fee

  1. While considering Fee Structure of a Digital Marketing Class, you need to pay heed upon the quality of the class and the course duration
  2. You can also compare fees of other competitors but comparison should incorporate everything- Course Module, Duration, Job Assistance, Brand Presence, etc.
  • Training Modules of your Digital Marketing Classes

Your Digital Marketing Class should include-

  1. Digital Marketing Overview
  2. Website Planning & Creation
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Lead Generation Process For Business
  5. PPC Advertising & Google Adwords
  6. Google Analytics
  7. Social Media Marketing
  8. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  9. Online Display Advertising
  10. E-Commerce Marketing
  11. Mobile Web Marketing
  12. Content Marketing
  13. Online Reputation Management
  14. Creating Marketing Strategy/Doubt Sessions
  15. Affiliate Marketing
  16. AdSense & Blogging, etc.

You should also check if the company is offering practical training sessions, live projects, hands on assignments and projects, Digital Marketing tools, blogging workshop, etc.

  • Certifications

Digital Marketing Classes

Certification in Digital Marketing

  1. After your class is over, you need a certificate that can prove your skills and enhance your value in the industry as a Digital Marketing Expert
  2. You should check how your training institute will certify that you are a trained Digital Marketing expert
  3. Choosing Digital Marketing Classes in Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad or anywhere in India that are attested with certifications is always a prudent decision, but you need to ensure that certifications are either from the Government or from the organizations that have authority in Digital Marketing Training

Going through these tips will help you choose the right Digital Marketing class for you. Now, in next section we will understand what the benefits of these classes are for different profiles-

Benefits of Digital Marketing Classes based on the Profiles of Participants

Benefits of Digital Marketing Classes for Marketing Professional

  • There is a misconception that Digital Marketing is replacing traditional marketing. In reality, marketing is becoming integrated, plus, the role and budget contribution of digital is increasing
  • Businesses are going online, and they need people who have expertize in traditional as well as in Digital Marketing
  • A Marketing professional well versed in digital marketing skills can expect significantly higher growth in terms of salary and the roles
  • According to Manu Sankar Das (Course Participant @ Digital Vidya)-
Digital Marketing Classes

Manu Sankar Das (Course Participant @ Digital Vidya)

“Marketing has its core in Consumer Insights and in today’s world there is no better way to reach out and understand your customer than with the help of digital media. I strongly believe that Digital Marketing is the way of the future and I wanted to be part of that change and be ahead of the curve.”

Benefits of Digital Marketing Classes for Sales Professional

  • For entry level Sales professional switching career to Digital Marketing opens the door of better career opportunities, while senior sales professional can accelerate their career growth
  • Enrolling in digital marketing classes helps sales professional use social mediums such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook for prospect mining and customer engagement
  • Digital Marketing Classes guide sales professional how to use CRO Tools and ensure more organized and better conversions

Benefits of Digital Marketing Classes for Entrepreneur or Business Owner

  • For entrepreneurs and business owners, the primary goal is acquiring new customers
  • Digital Marketing Classes help them effectively use the growing Internet of user base for customer acquisition
  • While talking about the role of digital marketing for businesses, Mohit Doda, Sr. Manager Digital Marketing at Reliance Trends said-
Digital Marketing Classes

Mohit Doda, Sr. Manager Digital Marketing at Reliance Trends

“You need to learn Digital Marketing so that you can make the right marketing decisions. Or you will be forced to agree to what your digital agency or digital marketing manager says.”

Benefits of Digital Marketing Classes for Student

  • Digital marketing training as a professional course is probably the best direction considering the short or long-term job prospects in today’s time
  • From good salary to well suited roles to the level of job satisfaction, Digital Marketing ensures all this. Digital Marketing training ensures better career opportunities to the students at various academic institutions including IITs and IIMs
  • Nowadays Digital Marketing after MBA is also gaining lots of popularities
  • About Digital Marketing Classes, Bhaskar Ballabh Saikia (Digital Vidya Course Participant, currently pursuing MBA from IIT Roorkee) stated-
Digital Marketing Classes

Bhaskar Ballabh Saikia (Digital Vidya Course Participant, currently pursuing MBA from IIT Roorkee)

“Digital Marketing is a cool area. This is like a bridge for me. A bridge that connects both my learnings in engineering as well as MBA. It is quite an interesting field to explore. Best part is, it is not just about analytical skill that one need, nor the experience. Even a newbie might defeat an experienced one, only if he can think out-of-box. Only thing that limits a Digital Marketer is his creativity, knowledge is easy to achieve with an access to internet.’

Benefits of Digital Marketing Classes for Digital Marketing professional

  • Approximately 10-15% participants of digital marketing classes come from Digital Marketing industry
  • SEO, SEM, SMO professionals, PPC advertisers, Analytics experts, etc. can expand their horizon across various areas of digital marketing via Digital Marketing classes and can ensure mastery in the same

Benefits of Digital Marketing Classes for IT & HR Professionals

  • Because of their strong analytical skills, IT professionals are quite successful in Digital Marketing industry
  • IT professionals well versed with digital mediums are more valuable, as most of the large IT companies like Oracle, SAP, Adobe, Cisco, HCL, Wipro, etc. integrate their functioning with digital marketing
  • HR professional who is well versed in Digital Marketing can leverage different digital mediums like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn for better employee engagement and talent acquisition

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Benefits of Digital Marketing Classes for Business Heads

  • Business heads need to be conversant with the different aspects of Digital Marketing, as they need to know how digital agencies or internal Digital Marketing team are empowering their customer acquisition strategies
  • Deepak Kanakaraju, Blogger at and Co-founder at shares:
Digital Marketing Classes

Deepak Kanakaraju, Blogger at and Co-founder at

I graduated in Civil engineering but I got into digital marketing by chance. During the final year of my engineering degree, I had plenty of free time and I started a blog about Indian Motorcycles. I wanted to drive more traffic to it and earn more revenue via display advertising. In the quest to develop my blog, I ended up learning everything in digital marketing.

This is how Digital Marketing Classes benefit people working in different industries or in Digital Marketing Industry, on different profiles. In addition to all these, there are some other reasons responsible for the growing demand of Digital Marketing Classes. Let us dig deep into those as well-

Reasons behind growing demand of Digital Marketing Classes

  • Increase in Digital Media Adoption

  1. I may call it explosion by seeing the number of individuals joining different digital marketing mediums, for example, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.
  2. As indicated by Internet World Stats, more than 40% of total populace (i.e. 3.3 billion individuals) today use internet connection which was under 1% in 1995
  3. Additionally, the time that people spend on digital media is likewise growing. Strikingly, around half of this Internet client base is from Asia
  • Growth of E-businesses

  1. Digital Mediums have lower entry barrier that encourages so many businesses and startups to go online
  2. Internet based businesses are exploding globally and creating huge demand of skilled Digital Marketing professionals
  • Increase in Digital Marketing Budget

  1. As per the report by GroupM, Digital Marketing represented 12.7% of all advertisement spending in 2016
  2. While in 2015, it represented 9.9% of total advertising spending plan
  • Talent gap for expert Digital Marketers

  1. The speed at which Digital Marketing industry is evolving, academic institutions are not being able to match the space
  2. This has created a great gap between demand and supply of skilled digital marketers
  • Rate at which Digital Marketing Industry Changes

  1. The way digital media channels change so regularly, skill up-gradation is must in Digital Marketing industry

Final Thoughts 

On the concluding note, I hope aforestated tips would help you find out the right Digital Marketing class based on your profile and requirements of the industry you are associated with.

Before ending this post, let me remind you the parameters of choosing right Digital Marketing classes in a brief here as well-

  • Online Presence
  • Faculty
  • Course Curriculum
  • Certifications
  • Fee Structure
  • Duration
  • Job Assistance
  • Live Projects

Let me also update you here that Digital Vidya Digital Marketing Training is one such class to blindly lay your hand on. This will always help you choose the right Digital Marketing Course Modules relevant to your skills, industry and requirements.

In case of any doubt about how you can make a rewarding career in Digital Marketing, feel free to ask me in comments.

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