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Digital Marketing Courses after MBA: Placements, Fees 2024

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Wondering what after MBA? Which course is best for you? Nowadays, for MBA graduates, it is must to have Digital Marketing Skills in their arsenal. There are no two ways about the fact that Digital Marketing courses after MBA offer the best career opportunities. 

Yes, digital marketing courses after MBA are counted as one of the most job-oriented courses after MBA Marketing that can let you appreciate better career opportunities. 

Right choice meets your goal- making choice is your part- And I am doing my part by letting you know “after MBA which course is best”.

So, let me delve you into the details of how digital marketing courses after MBA are considered as one of the best job oriented options. 

As per the survey of the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (Assocham) – “only 10 % MBAs in India are actually employable despite huge demand of MBAs”.

Top Indian Newspapers’ Stats prove that the Employability of MBA Graduates is way more disheartening- And Down in the Dumps-

  • Indian Express Survey

 “Low education quality coupled with the economic slowdown, from 2014 to 2023, campus recruitments have gone down by a whopping 45 percent”. The report further suggests- on an average, each student spends nearly Rs 3-12 Lakh on a two-year MBA program, their current monthly salary is a measly Rs 10,000 to Rs 25,000.”

  • India Today Survey

digital marketing courses after MBA
India Today survey: MBA graduates

93 percent MBA graduates are unemployable: Problems with management education in India”

  • The main reason behind such a situation is the gap between academia and industry-relevant skills.
  • In most of the cases, MBA students are great at theoretical knowledge however; they don’t have viable learning and practical abilities to apply those theories.

The situation is just declining by every year, as B-schools are growing rapidly all across India offering theoretical learning with no emphasis on skill development and practical dexterity.

Simply go to any B-school in Delhi/NCR- Anybody can without much of a stretch find that hypothetical/theoretical learning of students is Okay, and they know the logos/slogans and basics of many businesses, however, there is insignificant proficiency in- creating strategies, generating leads, tracking conversions, knowing latest developments and other practical aspects of marketing.

These days, organizations that search for marketing professionals are not keen on students’ midyear internships, semester scores, and debating skills- they need industry-pertinent abilities.

Businesses need marketers who can help them build up their business, boost lead generation, ensure sales growth, optimize conversions and guarantee effective brand building & ROI.

In today’s digital world, marketing has changed for the better with expanding the Internet populace in India, and the booming prevalence of Digital India has added the flame to this fire.

The situation in Indian economy makes Digital Marketing as a lucrative career after MBA and Marketing professionals.

As per the reports of Economics Times- Digital Marketing Career is one of the top 3 career options to look out for in 2024.

This is a result of the gigantic request from the businesses for internet marketers, yet at the same time, there is a lack of ability and expertise.

Conventional MBA programs don’t cover the theme of Digital Marketing in Detail

digital marketing courses after MBA
Demand for Digital Marketers

Recently designed MBA programs do cover the nitty-gritty of digital marketing. Nevertheless, going for DM training programs will help you comprehend the essentials and fine-insights of this promising field.

A definitive point of interest of most of the businesses out there is to acquire more clients and to hold the current ones- Digital Marketing is a medium, utilizing which; clients can be increased through multiple online channels.

In addition, channels of Digital Marketing can be utilized for other fruitful marketing activities, e.g. – better interaction, brand building, relationship building, reputation management, customer conversion and retention, etc. DM is the key that can help one open the ways to online channels like Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing, E-Commerce sites, websites and so on.

Acing DM aptitudes and methods will give organizations an edge in the overcoming marketing challenges of Digital World-

10 Benefits of Digital Marketing courses after MBA

1.) Learning Digital Marketing is quite simple

  • As DM is 100% non-technical course, it can be easily grasped and trained on. You only need to be internet savvy to pursue any of the digital marketing courses after MBA.
  • It includes significantly more science, analytics to marketing, which is the reason an MBA, can, without a doubt; execute any marketing strategy in a more effective, automated, and conversion-oriented fashion.

2.) Experts consider Digital Marketing Education as Mini MBA

digital marketing courses after MBA
Mini MBA
  • An MBA degree has not stayed enough to land a befitting job. Marketing has changed a great deal in a couple of years however your MBA course educational programs haven’t much and that’s why there lies a gap between industry pertinent abilities and MBA education. Digital Marketing is the eventual fate of Marketing.
  • Digital Marketing let you have clear information about all the products and administrations by using different form of online marketing methodologies. It underscores on ROI.
  • It is successful and productive in building reputation, propelling advertisements, and channelizing result-oriented campaigns- making it in accordance with an MBA Program.

3.) Digital Marketing helps you work as Freelancer or be an Entrepreneur

  • In the event that you are PC Savvy and a web Addict, by learning Digital Marketing, you can start your own particular Company or you can function as a consultant by optimizing the online presence of businesses.
  • Furthermore, you can also Start a Blog and enjoy profits through Advts. There are other choices too, as you can launch a site like Coupon Dunia and make a profit by offering coupons of sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra and so forth.
  • By searching using keywords like- “hire a digital marketing professional” or “freelance digital marketer”- you can find lots of entrepreneurs and freelancers who choose freelance digital marketing career options.

4.) Digital Marketing fills the Supply & Demand gap

  • Digital Marketing is a recession-proof marketing technique when contrasted with other conventional marketing practices.
  • There are wide positions in the employment industry that you can fit into once you are well trained in DM. Ensuring great job opportunities that fill the industry gap makes digital marketing courses after MBA as one of the best ways to seek certification.
  • In India, we have Real Estate, B2B businesses, Hospitality and Travel industry, B2C businesses, Consultancy, Retail, Manufacturing, Export-Import and many other industries that are eagerly looking for professionals with great digital marketing skills.
  • Current Scenario of this industry is like- because of diversification and different emerging sections, job openings for qualified professionals are enormous while, the supply of quality experts is less. DM fills that gap effectively.

5.) Digital Marketing adds weight to your CV/Resume

digital marketing courses after MBA
Digital Marketing resume
  • Digital Marketing aptitudes are in thorough demand. In traditional careers like marketing, advertising, etc. you would need to sit tight for an internship program or graduate placement so you can have the experience and create a powerful portfolio.
  • The digital marketing world, be that as it may, gives a host of opportunities to you to begin your own particular profession before you got a chance to get great experiences in workplaces.
  • Digital Marketing certification adds value to your CV/Resume, as nowadays businesses need professionals that are certified in DM skills, which makes digital marketing one of the best job oriented courses after MBA marketing.

6.) Digital Marketing offers a variety of Job Opportunities

digital marketing courses after MBA
Digital Advertising spend in India
  • As per a current review by the industry experts, it has come across that digital marketing will create more than 2 Lakh employments in the year 2017.
  • The HR specialists have confirmed that digital space is probably going to produce this colossal number of occupations inside two or three years and give a lift to the business.
  • “The strikingly charming factor is that the beginning package for digital marketing experts is Rs. 4.5-5.5 Lakh/year”- as per the analysis of Randstad India.
  • You can even start your own business or earn independently with the help of digital marketing training. 

7.) Digital Marketing aids marketer stay ahead in the cutthroat Competitions

  • Organizations require experts who can help them in building up their business, increment their leads, deals and benefits and taking a gander at the present marketing situation. You can’t achieve that with the old style of marketing or say the conventional advertising.
  • In a race to enlist the best, a digital marketing expert would be best in front of the rest as with the least investment, they can render the best of ROI to the businesses.
  • A Digital Marketing Professional is conceived inventive as they can examine and make best of Ads’ network that boost conversions. Consequently, inventiveness and ability will help them stay ahead in the competition.

8.) Learning Digital Marketing is Cost-Effective

  • Learning Digital Marketing is significantly more cost-effective than whatever other expert courses available, and the uplifting news is that you get the chance to get a return on your venture into this program as you can accomplish better employment opportunities or cam change over your abilities into a lucrative business idea.
  • From a business perspective as well, not all digital marketing strategies require a noteworthy spending plan. For instance- social networking and content advertising do not require huge budgets; they just need imagination and consistency.
  • Digital advertising is savvy when contrasted with other conventional marketing channels. Likewise, digital marketing practices can be ceased at any given purpose of time dissimilar to the traditional marketing practices.

9.) Digital Marketing lets marketer be Future Ready

  • Consumers have turned out to be smarter than will let digital era stay here for eternity. They are finishing different assignments on different digital gadgets including shopping too. What’s more, to contact them marketers need to go digital as well.
  • To go digital, it is a must for businesses to hire marketing experts who are well aware of digital marketing strategies that make Digital Marketing courses after MBA count amongst the best certification courses.
  • As per Forrester’s statement“Digital Marketing is gaining so much ground that in near future ‘Digital Marketing’ to become just Marketing”.

10.) Digital Marketing Certifications are easily accessible too

  • Having a certificate demonstrates ability and expertise. What’s more, a Digital Marketing Certificate establishes that you have certain learning and expertise– A solid plus over the individuals who only claim to have those DM skills.
  • Google too provides certification once you successfully pass their well ordered online exams.

To put it plainly, Digital Marketing is what’s to come! – Possessing digital marketing skills give marketing MBAs an edge in the digital world.

It holds the key that will open entryways of opportunities and success before organizations. Digital Marketing courses after MBA would be a good investment of time and money for MBA graduates. The aptitudes procured through learning DM will help you drain the job opportunities offered by digital channels!

How to learn Digital Marketing courses after MBA

digital marketing courses after MBA
Learn Digital Marketing courses after MBA
  1. You need to look for courses on digital marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, SEO, Search Marketing, analytics, Google AdWords, etc.
  2. For this, you can take up the free courses, as this will help you understand the basics.
  3. Also, try to find white papers & guides on websites like HubSpot, Digital Vidya- Read them to understand digital marketing.
  4. Look out for videos on YouTube channels e.g.- Digital Vidya’s YouTube Channel
  5. Use Google Help Centre to learn more about DM.
  6. Follow Digital marketing resources like- search engine journal, Moz, search marketing land, Digital Vidya, KISSmetrics, etc.

Available Digital Marketing Certifications after MBA

1.) Govt. Certification Vskills (Govt. of India Initiative)

digital marketing courses after MBA
Vskills Digital Marketing Certification

This certification is offered in partnership with Vskills (Govt. of India Initiative). After your digital marketing training, you will be eligible to appear in this exam and get Govt. Certificate.

2.) Google Certifications

digital marketing courses after MBA
Google Digital Marketing Certification After MBA

Google offers different types of certification exams in Digital Marketing Domain. Digital Vidya Digital Marketing Course (explained below) will help you prepare (and pass) the following exams:

  • AdWords Fundamentals
  • Search Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Video Advertising
  • Shopping Advertising
  • Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ)

All these exams are conducted online by Google for FREE, and by being trained in Digital Marketing, you can register & appear in these exams.

3.) HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification

digital marketing courses after MBA
HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification

HubSpot offers Inbound Marketing Certification, which covers different segments of digital marketing on how to attract visitors, convert prospects and delight customers to convert them into promoters of businesses. After your training with Digital Vidya, you can easily clear the exam.

Definitely, the certificate for digital marketing will boost your career growth after MBA!

Digital Vidya offers different certification courses that industry experts consider as best digital marketing certification courses after MBA. These online training and certification course will aid you clear aforementioned certification exams. 

Let me give you a glimpse of our CDMM (Certified Digital Marketing Master) Course:

Digital Vidya’s Digital Marketing Certification Course after MBA- CDMM (Certified Digital Marketing Master) Curriculum

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Read best search marketing books 
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Read best SEO Books
  • Web Analytics
  • Read best Data Analytics Books
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Development using WordPress
  • Mobile App Marketing 101
  • Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
  • How to Sell Digital Marketing Services?
  • Blogging for Beginners
  • Display Advertisement
  • Advanced Google Analytics
  • E-tail (Online Listing)/Website V/s Market Place
  • Prepare Yourself For Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing
  • Video Advertising
  • Shopping Advertising, etc.


Excepting IIMs, very few management institutes are able to boast of quality management education that can aid graduates secure befitting employment. Campus recruitments have gone down by a whopping 45 %.

Industry experts consider Digital Marketing as one of the most effective channels that can bridge the gap between academia and industry to solve this problem- And that is why digital marketing courses after MBA are considered as one of the best job oriented certification courses.

At whatever point you will be placed after your MBA, if you have digital marketing skills in your arsenal, you will dependably be on the upper side. You will be able to set up an automated lead funnel, which will aid you in conversion-oriented lead generation, and by appropriate CRM and follow-ups, you can convert as many leads as you want and optimize your marketing campaigns.

Want to know more about how to pursue digital marketing courses after MBA – Ask me in the comments below.

Shivendra Tiwari
Engineer by Education, Marketing Influencer by Profession, and Creative Writer by Passion- Shivendra is involved in Branding, Advertising & Consulting in the domain of Digital Marketing over the years. He relies upon his Digital Marketing learnings and uses the creative DNA for composing blogs that have the applied zeal to engage, entertain and inspire the readers- to Connect- Convince- Convert their target audiences via different digital media channels.

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  1. Shivendra Tiwari

    Hi Lalan,

    The easiest way to enroll in this course is- click on, follow the instructions and be a master in Digital Marketing.

    The course will also help you be HubSpot and Google Certified expert that do great value addition in marketing industry.

    The Advance module of this course ensures Facebook & LinkedIn Certifications as well.

    Digital Vidya welcomes you, and is always ready to guide, motivate, empower and enrich you.


  2. I am interested in digital marketing course but now I am pursuing MBA so can I do it now? And what courses of DM will be beneficial to me?

  3. Shivendra Tiwari

    Yes Sagarika- You can enroll in Digital Marketing Course right away while pursuing your MBA simultaneously.

    Even it would be more beneficial for you to join the course right now, as in reality, the Digital Marketing Course bridges the gap between ‘What Academia Offers and What Today’s Industry Demands’.

    It will make you ready for some really great career opportunities after MBA, plus, if you have entrepreneurial genes, it is the needed impetus to ensure success in Digital India.

    The right course for MBA students is CDMM. (Follow the link-

  4. Nitesh Kumar Sahu

    I am already completed my MBA last year in marketing and wants to join Digital marketing course

    1. Shivendra Tiwari

      Hi Sushil,

      In the time when world is going digital, India is witnessing job opportunities and career growth for the professionals who are trained and certified in Digital Marketing.

      Go through the link given below in which our Founder & CEO Pradeep Chopra talks about career in Digital Marketing in 2018- .
      This will help you understand the scope of digital marketing for your career growth.

  5. Hi,

    I have completed my MBA in Marketing and I am working for a mortgage company which is totally different.
    so kindly assist me if I join Digital Marketing will it be help full for me to get a better job?

    Thanks in advance.

  6. Shivendra Tiwari

    Sure Jaharulla, in today’s time, industries are going digital in the way of automating their work, using artificial intelligence and converting more prospects.
    Being a trained and certified Digital Marketing professional would for sure be a plus for you to ensure better career growth.

    Digital Marketing Training would help you get certified by Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, HubSpot and GOI.

    Find here the details of the best Digital Marketing Course after MBA-

  7. Ashok kumar

    I am interested in this certification but I have completed my MBA in 2010 after that I worked in my family business. So I don’t have any experience will this help me ??

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