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Why Startups should Outsource Digital Marketing Services

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Nowadays, many startups are being started; entrepreneurs are working hard to advertise their startups via digital mediums, but, on numerous occasions, I see that entrepreneurs neglect to perceive what a complicated process Digital Marketing is. Some of them hire online marketing assistants, though others hire editors, trusting that they will compose some great blog posts that are intriguing and powerful to turn their startup viral in social media. Such high hopes meet disappointment because despite being talented individuals, editors are not really specialists in characterizing a digital marketing strategy. Regardless of the possibility that they claim to know how SEO functions, the odds that they were trained to do SEO are quite low. Startups continue procuring and terminating workers with a specific end goal to get their Digital Advertising right, ignoring the potential of outsourcing digital marketing services.

The moment you start outsourcing digital marketing services, responsibility and accountability to run a result driven marketing campaigns would be of that Digital Marketing Agency and you can actually focus on growing your startup.

One of the best approaches to run a successful startup is not to do every single bit of it on your own, but to outsource some of the services.

Digital Marketing Services
Outsource Digital Marketing Experts

When you outsource a full service Digital Marketing Agency, you will meet the genuine experts who ensure better results. Without a further ado, here are the reasons why startups should outsource Digital Marketing Services-

Why & How to Outsource Digital Marketing Services

1. Why to Outsource Digital Marketing Services

When you run a startup, time is one of the most valuable commodities, and promoting your startup can take up a lot of your time. When you choose to outsource your digital advertising to Digital Marketing Service Providers, you will gain so many benefits. Here are the 9 points why you should outsource a full service Digital Marketing Agency-

No suffering because of Staff Issues or Annual Leave

  • One of the keys to effective advertising is consistency. The issue, obviously, is that advertisers are not machines, they are individuals and individuals need to take leaves. At the point when staffs are on leave, marketing suffers. One of the most notable examples of this is the content creation.
  • You cannot all of a sudden quit blogging for fourteen days over the festive season or any annual leave. In the event that you do, Google will see and your natural rankings will get negatively affected subsequently. Choosing a digital marketing agency implies that you never need to stress over staff leave.

Services of a team of Digital Marketing Experts

  • Instead of paying to an employee, you will pay a group of specialists in digital marketing who will examine, make and actualize marketing methodologies that work.
  • You are paying for results and even at the affordable price. You will work with individuals who have been there. They are specialists in their field. Most digital agencies represent considerable authority in promoting for specific ventures, sorts of customers, or particular areas, and have a profile segment loaded with case studies to demonstrate their expertize.
  • What is superior to anything working with individuals who definitely know the ideal approach to accomplish the outcomes for your startup?

You get the chance to concentrate upon the core of your business

  • The outsourcing of digital advertising is generally considered by organizations who wish to keep the marketing process autonomous from the core of the organization. This encourages them toss thoughts around, make better plans and ensure immaculate execution.
  • With the correct data, your Digital Marketing Agency can design, create and execute digital marketing strategies that yield best results. The key here is to believing the organization you contract and ensuring you regularly get reports and updates.

A new perspective on your business

  • Working on your organization without stopping for even a minute allows you to comprehend your business even more; however, there are the things that you cannot comprehend.
  • For example, understanding how visitors come to your site, and recognizing what to optimize for your business to develop may be foggy to see. Employing an outsourced marketing master can give you another point of view of how to approach your advertising today.

Receptive to the most recent industry updates

  • Since digital marketing specialists invest the vast majority of their time adapting new aptitudes and enhancing existing procedures and methodologies, any reasonable person would agree that they stay aware of the regularly changing and developing digital marketing field.
  • With such industry experts, it is quite certain to get help when a major and vital change is going to happen in the digital marketing industry.

You can rely upon the ongoing optimization

  • Digital Marketing Services need to always demonstrate ROI by delivering on the proposed end goals– or you may wipe out their services.
  • They are keen on, and focused to constantly advancing your marketing strategy for best outcomes. Outsourcing your digital marketing implies there is less danger of complacency or stagnation.

You access the most recent Digital Marketing Technology

  • Nowadays, around 4,000 marketing technologies are accessible, and knowing which ones to pick to automate and optimize your kind of business is quite a daunting task.
  • An execution based advertising company that can give you direction and also implementation support and service is to a great degree significant to run result-driven digital marketing campaigns.

You get the opportunity to accomplish more with less

  • Handling your digital advertising in-house may make it extreme to utilize all the digital channels accessible to develop your business. You may require help with SMO, PPC campaigns, SEO, email records, social networking efforts, but with one in-house worker, it is difficult to make this smooth and result driven.
  • Outsourcing can give you a chance to utilize different advertising channels effortlessly. You can employ a designer to refresh your site, a publicist to deal with your blog or email pamphlet, and a web-based social networking master to ensure SMO. With an assortment of outsourcing digital marketing services, you can turn over complete marketing functions to any full service third party.

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Guarantee for a return on investment

  • When you contract a full service digital marketing agency, you are certain your funds will be used smartly and expertly.
  • Since the promoting pro’s attention will be on leads and sales, they will unquestionably invest energy ensuring you get the outcomes you paid for. This saves your time and money, plus, you also grow your business with industry experts.

2. How to outsource Digital Marketing Services

Outsourcing Digital Marketing Services enables you to contribute more time to think about the ideas to improve the reputation of your business and leave the task of actualizing it to a third party- which you can consider responsible and that can deliver the quantifiable outcomes.

  • The initial step is to stop and plan the whole process at your end. You should have a fundamental idea regarding what you mean to accomplish from Digital Marketing and the kind of spending plan you have accessible for the same.
  • Next, you should look for the prospective Digital Marketing Agencies by going to their sites, Facebook and LinkedIn to discover the sort of work they have done and if their customers are comparable in size and offerings to your business. After you have completely inquired about and picked a Digital Marketing Service Provider, you have to comprehend from them the strategy they find befitting for your business. It is advisable to adopt the hands-on strategy.
  • You should schedule consistent discussions with your Digital Marketing expert and conceptualize your thoughts with them instead of anticipating them to always come up with something new. Your Digital Marketing expert will presumably show some stats to let you know how your image is getting optimized – consider these in detail and examine with them how these can be made better. Remember to reward your Digital Marketing Service Provider on great work done, as ensuring conversions via Digital Marketing is not a simple occupation.

3. Pros & Cons of Outsourcing Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Services
Pros & Cons of Outsourcing Digital Marketing Services

Freelancing is a growing phenomenon in the Digital Marketing Industry. Last year, there was a 46% increase in E-businesses outsourcing to Digital Marketing Services. The kind of digital marketing work outsourced to third party by B2B marketers includes-

  • 64%- Writing
  • 54% – Design
  • 50%- SEO
  • 30%- Content distribution
  • 22%- Editing
  • 13%- Measurement & analytics
  • 8%- Planning & strategy
  • 5%- Buyer persona creation

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To know how outsourcing a full service Digital Marketing Agency will help you, let us go through their pros and cons-

The Pros

  1. Outsourcing a Digital Marketing Agency saves as much as half the cost of hiring a full time marketer
  2. Hiring an outsourced digital marketing team lets your business appreciate a fresh and more creative advertising perspective
  3. Working with an outsourced digital marketing team will let you work with qualified and skilled experts who deliver results in quickest turnaround
  4. Outsourced digital marketing services can guarantee the skills that in-house resources find difficult to provide

The Cons

  1. You may not be the only clients of your freelance digital marketing agency. This may result into prioritization conflicts along with sub-par performance and poor project outcomes
  2. While In-house teams can be on-site full time, you cannot expect the same from any third-party digital marketing agency
  3. First-contact with your targeted audiences will occur through your outsourced Digital Marketing Agency and not via you directly

However, all these cons can be easily avoided if you accurately follow the steps mentioned in ‘How to outsource a Digital Marketing Service’ section.

4. Top Digital Marketing Services in India

Find below the list of some of the top Digital Marketing Services in India-

  1. iProspect India- Digital Marketing Services in Delhi
  2. WATConsult- Digital Marketing Services in New Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai
  3. Webchutney- Full Service Digital Marketing Agency in New Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai
  4. Mirum India- Digital Marketing Services in Pune, New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Chennai
  5. Quasar Media- Digital Marketing Services in Mumbai, Gurugram
  6. Pinstorm- Digital Marketing Services in Bangalore Mumbai, US, Europe, Malaysia, Singapore, and Gurgaon
  7. iStrat- Digital Marketing Services in Gurgaon, New Delhi, Australia, and the USA.
  8. BCWebWise- Full Service Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai
  9. Resultrix- Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi, Mumbai
  10. Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide- Digital Marketing Services in India, New York, Asia Pacific, UK, Spain, Germany, France, Belgium, Africa & Middle East, Europe, USA

5. Benefits of hiring top Digital Marketing Services in India

Digital Marketing Services let businesses access the mass market at a moderate cost. Unlike print & TV media, Digital Marketing allows you run well-customized marketing campaigns. Particular benefits of digital marketing services include-

Global reach at Lower Cost-

A full service Digital Marketing Agency enables startups discover new markets and trade internationally at lower costs. An appropriately arranged and adequately targeted Digital Marketing can achieve the correct clients at a much lower cost than traditional print and TV advertising.

Trackable, Quantifiable Campaigns

Measuring productivity of your web based advertising with analytics makes it simpler to comprehend how successful your campaign has been. You can get nitty gritty data about how clients utilize your site or react to your advertising. Digital Marketing Services know the right metrics important for your kind of campaign and they demonstrate you precisely how much cash you make from each digital strategy.

Customization & Customer Loyalty-

Digital Marketing Services connect your client database to your site, and when a client visits the site, you can welcome them with personalized offers. The more they will purchase from you, the more you might customize your client profile and market successfully to them. By getting included with online networking and overseeing it deliberately, Digital Marketing Agency ensures better customer loyalty.

Viral Marketing and Better Conversion-

Digital Marketing gives you a chance to create engaging campaigns utilizing diverse sorts of rich media content. On the web, such campaign ensures viral marketing and aids in optimizing social currency. In the event that you have a site, your clients are just a couple of clicks away from making a buy. Not at all like other media, which expect individuals to get up and make a phone call or personally visit the store, digital media is consistent, prompt and converts instantly.


Outsourcing a Full Service Digital Marketing Agency would for sure be a prudent decision that will let your startup reach the height it deserves.

However, in case, your startup is at initial stages, and you do not have the budgets to outsource digital marketing services, you can enroll yourself in Digital Marketing Training and do it on your own.

If you reside in Chennai and are looking for a Digital Marketing Company for your business, here is a list of Top Digital Marketing Companies in Chennai.

What do you think would be right Digital Marketing Strategy for your startups- whether outsourced or In-house? –Update me in comments.

Shivendra Tiwari
Engineer by Education, Marketing Influencer by Profession, and Creative Writer by Passion- Shivendra is involved in Branding, Advertising & Consulting in the domain of Digital Marketing over the years. He relies upon his Digital Marketing learnings and uses the creative DNA for composing blogs that have the applied zeal to engage, entertain and inspire the readers- to Connect- Convince- Convert their target audiences via different digital media channels.

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