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Digital Vidya Partners With DMAi For Global Marketing & Advertising Week 2015 (GMAW)

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GMAW'15Marketing and advertising are undoubtedly the inevitable parts of any good strategical move from the business or company’s end. The former is such a crucial concept without which the product or service management strategy is incomplete. Moreover, marketing at a global level is nothing but “marketing on a worldwide scale reconciling or taking commercial advantage of global operational differences, similarities and opportunities in order to meet global objectives”.

This clearly indicates that to reach up to the global level and expand the reach globally, it is essential to be really swift and stay updated with the new techniques and advancements at the forefront. Thus, to suffice this purpose, a lot of events, seminars, workshops, panel discussions, conferences etc. are being conducted from time-to-time wherein the attendees get to reap the benefits from the industry experts on several new happenings pertaining to their domain, around the world.

One such mega event that is going to be held in the country’s capital Delhi is The Global Marketing & Advertising Week 2015 (GMAW). The GMAW’15 is which is scheduled to be held at Delhi, India from 18th-20th February will be one of the most exciting and informatively enriching event. As the name suggests, The Global Marketing & Advertising Week 2015 (GMAW) is the big-bang of marketing and it is the 4th mega edition of one the most significantly successful DMAi Annual Convention. This convention which was held last year witnessed as many as 100+ speakers, 165 sessions and over 1,000 senior marketers over a period of 3 years.GMAW banner

The Global Marketing & Advertising Week will be a highly interactive marketing festival that will bring about industry experts from different walks of life who will bring light upon the future of marketing and its impact on the business entities. At The GMAW’15, there will be 4 sessions being conducted on the following that will be covering almost all the crucial aspects revolving around marketing domain:

  • Data and Performance Marketing Convention
  • Creative, Design & Innovation Summit
  • Content Marketing Forum
  • TechSummit

The first convention will primarily be focusing on the actual know-how which is responsible behind the advanced data-visualization tools. Moving on further, at the next summit which will be catering to the ‘creative, innovation and design’ aspect will enlighten the attendees on how to master the art of creating compelling communication with the targeted set of audience. The next session will revolve around one of the most crucial aspect of marketing viz. ‘Content’. Herein, the major focus will be led on how to build quality content such that it helps to target and fetch the right set of customers, thus promoting adequate customer engagement. Apart from this, the TechSummit as the name clearly suggests will bring focus on the latest trends on the use of technology in the marketing sphere and much more related to that as well.

Also, besides the session, there will be certain special workshops that will be conducted at The Global Marketing & Advertising Week 2015. For instance, Drayton Bird a profound marketing executive is going to address the attendees at the event.
Amongst the aforesaid sessions that are going to be held at The Global Marketing & Advertising Week 2015, one of the streams of marketing will be: ‘Data and Performance Marketing’. Herein, Asia’s leading Digital Marketing training company –Digital Vidya’s CEO & Co-founder Mr. Pradeep Chopra will be the stream host for the session. Besides this, several other eminent names and personalities viz. Vatsal Asher, Founder – #GMAW1, Director & CEO, DMAi, Rajesh Chakrabarti, Reliance Adag, CMO, Winnifred Knight, The , Managing Director and Owner and many more will be addressing the participants of this insightful events.

Here is what Digital Vidya’s CEO & Co-founder, Pradeep Chopra said on his association with DMAi:

I’ve been part of DMAi convention since last 2 years. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience for 3 primary reasons: quality of content, speakers and audience. Looking forward to another year of awesome experience!

There are plenty of renowned names that will be the sponsoring partners of the Global Marketing & Advertising Week 2015, such as DMAi, Outbrain, IBM, Page Traffic, LinkedIn, etc. Amongst them Digital Vidya is also one of the media partners. Digital Vidya will be spreading a word about this grand affair on its several social media platforms.

Some of the most finest marketing minds are arriving. Do you wish to leverage this opportunity? If yes, the what are you waiting for? Turn up in huge numbers to attend the event.

Updates After the Session

Pradeep Chopra, CEO, Digital Vidya was one of the speakers at the GMAW’15 event. He shared his insightful views on ‘USer Generated Content’ thus stating that ‘Content is indeed the king in this digital world’. Get to know what the other speakers had to say on this topic:

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