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Discover Google Adwords Metric – Quality Score

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 What is Quality Score?

          Quality score is metric recorded in Google AdWords which shapes your Ad Rank, and also determines the position in which your ad appears, which in turn determines the amount of exposure and clicks your ads will receive.

Why is Quality Score Important?

              Google AdWords has hundreds of ads to choose from when searchers type in a keyword and the best way to make sure Google shows your ad to the right audience is to have a high keyword Quality Score or to be as relevant as possible. Finally, a high-Quality Score not only determines your competitive position in the display ads search results but also affects how much you will pay for an ad.

                The higher is your Quality Score, the less you will have to bid for a keyword, and the higher your position.

What if your Ad has a High-Quality score?

           Quality Score can also be a used as a warning signal when there are particular ad groups or campaigns in a PPC account those needs to be optimized.

            The better your Quality Score is, the better your ads perform. Google AdWords score each keyword on a 1 through 10 ranking scales with a score of ten representing the best quality -score a keyword can obtain. If your quality score is a 6 or under, changing bids should not be your first priority. In these cases, you should start working on the quality score.

           A high-quality score involves maximizing the benefits of a campaign by ensuring that ads, keywords, and landing pages are bringing in the appropriate target market. Most of the time, a high-quality score signifies a lower cost per click and a higher ROI for the client.

If your ad shows low-quality score, here are few ways to improve things about your AdWords account:

  1. Write compelling ads, which connect appropriately to keywords, make the right connections and stand out from the rest of the search results page.
  2. Constantly test and improve your ad copy so your ad is more likely to earn money from Google than your competitors.
  3. Segment your audiences so you can adjust messaging to connect with different groups’ mindsets and language on display network computers, mobile phones, and tablets, based on geography (country, state, region, time zone, or whatever makes sense for your business).


In a Nutshell, Quality Score determines:

  • If your ad will be shown
  •  The position of that ad
  • How much you pay for the click
  • If site links work
  •  If dynamic keyword insertion will work
  •  If an ad will be displayed on a content site
  •  Where on that content site the ad will be displayed

Where to find it?


  • Quality score is hidden by default in campaigns that are targeted on Google Search. Each keyword has a Quality Score. Here’s how to show it:
  • Click the “Keywords” tab in your Adwords account.
  • Click “Columns” then “Customize columns”.
  • In the section that opens up, choose “Attributes”.
  • Click on the “Add” link in the Quality Score row.
  • Click “Apply” to save. You should now have a QS column in your data.

How to view Quality Score?


          Click on a campaign then drill down to the keyword level by clicking on one of your AdGroups. At this level, you should see a list of your keywords on the page. You’ll also notice that one of the default columns is titled “Status” and, within it, the status should be listed as “Paused”, “Eligible” or “Disapproved”. Within each cell, you should see a small speech bubble icon. Hover over it. This will display a score out of 10. This is your Quality Score for that keyword.

Click through rate (CTR) is a key to quality score.

One of the most compelling reasons to get the Quality Score of your ad sets as high as possible is that this reduces the Cost-per-Click (CTR) Google charges you. In fact, an ultra-high Google AdWords Quality Score can see you paying a CTR only 50% of that of your competitors.

If your actual search network CTR is below expected, making changes to improve it can significantly increase your Quality Score. However, once you have achieved an expected click-through rate, you can make HUGE improvements to your click-through rate and only see minimal improvement in QS.

A good quality score leads to cost savings

Quality score is a dynamic metric when it comes to search campaigns served on AdWords. A high-quality score can result in huge cost saving – and more traffic and likely conversions – to compare with, what can be attained with a low-quality account at same budget spend.

This is because Google rewards advertisers with ads and content that is highly relevant to what the user has searched for. With a good quality score, a higher ad rank position can be attained at a lower cost per click (CPC).

Quality Score is all about helping you target the right keywords, write excellent ad copy, and create landing pages that appeal directly to your target audience


Therefore, the higher is your Quality Score, the:

  1. Lower is your CTR
  2. Lower is your Cost per Action (cost per conversion)
  3. Better is your ad rank

Your quality score is made up of three main factors: the click through rate that you get on your ads for that keyword, the ad relevance, and the landing page experience

Invest time on Quality score:

Take a step back and analyze why QS is so important to you in the first place. Are you trying to make the most of a limited budget? Do you want your ads showing at the top of the page? Take a look at other metrics that directly correlate to your goals and optimize from there. Quality Score doesn’t change overnight. Google looks at your account history when making Quality Score calculations

Getting these things right is what separates an average AdWords campaign from a highly successful one. Don’t you agree with me on these lines? Feel free to share your thoughts with me.


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