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Do Not Miss Out On Top Benefits Of Google+ Hangout

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The world of internet is booming day by day with continuous innovation and advancement in the technology. People prefer to stay connected to each other and they make every effort to use the best medium around it.

There are many tools available in the market to help people to interact with an individual or with a group of people. Organizations strive hard to develop newer tools that are technologically advanced and user friendly.

Google is a pioneer in developing various tools to ensure the comfort as far as communication is concerned. We all are aware of Google’s gtalk chat facility which is one of the most used chatting facilities. But users need more and it is very important to upgrade the tool on a regular basis to keep the users engaged.

Google+ has come up with a technologically advanced instant messaging and video chatting tool which is called Google+ Hangout. Google+ Hangout is one tool which allows an individual to speak to one person or a group of people at a time. Google+ Hangout has many important as well as unique features that can be beneficial to not only to an individual but also to an organization.

To begin with using Google+ Hangout is made very easy. The two usual steps to be followed to setup any tool, that is the downloading and setting it up, has been eliminated with Google+ Hangout. Having a Gmail account is what would be required to start using Google+ Hangout. Login with your Gmail id and click on Start Hangout tab and get going!!

The most attractive and important news about Google+ Hangout is that Google doesn’t charge you a single penny for this service. It is absolutely free!!

The following are some important features of Google+ Hangout:

  1. Instant Messaging: The instant messaging of Google+ Hangout is very interesting. One can find out if the message has been read or not. If the other person is not available at any point of time then an alert message is sent to them when they connect. This facility would help various organizations and their team members to ensure that a particular message has been sent and to know whether it has been read.
  1. Group Interaction: Google+ Hangout has an ability to host a chat or video conference with about nine people at a time which makes it very unique. The tool has been developed to facilitate group interaction. The speaker has the freedom to take control of the entire conversation. To control, who would speak or who should be muted so as to avoid interruptions, would be in the hands of the speaker. Thus, making it very convenient to use. The advanced technology in Google+ Hangout helps to shift the focus on the person in the group video conversation. This helps other members to know who is speaking.
  1. Sharing: Google+ Hangout can be used to share various documents, images and videos. The uniqueness of Google+ Hangout is that, the user can share YouTube videos with other members in the conference. The videos can be played even while the conference is live. Google+ Hangout also helps to share PowerPoint presentations. Presentations from SlideShare can also be embedded during the conversation. This is an important tool for a professional video conference.
  1. Google+ Hangout on Air: This is one very cool and unique feature of Google+ Hangout. The feature enables the facility to broadcast live videos. The YouTube link is also provided which can be clicked to view the live conversation. The available embedded link can be entered in your website through which people can see the live conversation. Live broadcasting of a conversation is preferred these days. The listeners get the first hand information by watching it live. People feel connected to the conversation and it won’t be like a pre-recorded video.

One important thing that should be kept in mind is that one need to schedule the event one week in advance and promote it properly so that it can reach more people. The live video helps people to share their comments and suggestions; thereby, making the event more interactive. One can also include a guest speaker to join the conversation making it more interesting and to support the entire conversation. When people would be impressed of the live conversation, they would further share that video to others and thus, increasing the visitors to the link or website.

Google+ Hangout lower third is an amazing feature which helps a speaker to add their name, logo and other details that would be displayed at the bottom of the video.

One can also set a reminder to know when an upcoming Hangout on Air is scheduled.

  1. Google+ Hangout role in Businesses: Google+ Hangout is not only useful to an individual but it is also used by many organizations and businesses. It has a major role to play in various fields and thereby, making it convenient to use and streamline various events.

Organizations make lot of effort and try out different methods to stay connected to their customers. Any product update can be easily demonstrated to the customers using Google+ Hangout. This will help to attract more customers. The customer support department of organizations can use Google+ Hangout to attend the queries from their customers. A satisfied customer will help to spread the word and increase the visitors to the website, which will in turn lead to increase in product sale. Many real estate companies use Google+ Hangout to demonstrate the properties. Time and distance won’t be a constraint. Organizations can use Google+ Hangout to conduct their training events, meetings and product introduction events. This would help to save a lot of time.

Google+ Hangout has an ability to connect to people in a better way, which will play a vital role in the field of social media marketing. Reaching out to more and more people and availability of various improved features with regards to communication in Google+ Hangout is going to bring a revolution in various strategies used in social media marketing. The satisfaction level of people would go up and thereby compelling them to come back again and again, which in turn will increase the fan base and the associated sales.

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