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Do You Know About The Secret Weapons Of Social Media Marketing?

Do You Know About The Secret Weapons Of Social Media Marketing?


The evolution of marketing channels have been tremendous right from the scratch. Marketing had started its journey from radio channels and then the television channels and now it has flourished into every social media marketing platform. Nowadays, marketing via online and social media platforms are considered as the best strategy by the businesses. But bridging the gap between what works for a business and what not is yet to be completed. Instead of sticking onto commonly used online marketing activities only, like SEO, social media, email campaigns and paid advertisements, a business should be open to explore the newer and powerful avenues too.

This post adheres to those lesser known and lesser talked about online activities which if used in a correct manner can deliver best results, but unfortunately these aren’t given much importance.


Webinars offer a great opportunity to learn from experts without worrying about geographical boundaries at all and can be done right from the work station. All that is needed is a good Internet connection and a headset. Hundreds of experts are happy (and many a times, for free) share their expertise and experiences through webinars.


From the business perspective, businesses can leverage webinars in a couple of ways :

  • Customer Webinar : Customers loves us doing the business and are raving fans. They really appreciate the work and its needless to say that a significant difference to their business have been made. Why not invite them to speak about their experiences, their business and their expertise through a webinar? By doing so, others in the industry shall value it. If one such webinar is hosted, we can reach out to many more prospects from the same industry and invite them to attend it. Since it is a purely educational exercise, we won’t appear salesy but at the same time, we will get an opportunity to reach out to a larger set of audience with something really credible.
  • Industry Leader Webinar : People always love to hear the views and opinions of the industry leaders or  gurus. They offer industry insights and their opinions are unbiased. We can organize a webinar with an industry leader on a latest topic from our industry (which aligns with our offering) and invite people to attend that. Being associated with an industry leader will go a long way in positioning our business. The webinar should be organized and hosted by us and it should show that we have invited the speaker to speak.
  • Product Webinar – If we were for instance, a company selling software products, then chances are that our sales teams give multiple product demos to the prospects. Why not cut it short by organizing product webinars every week? We can have multiple webinars covering different time zones and different industries. If we organize an industry-specific webinar, it gives us an opportunity to customize the webinar content for that specific industry. Such webinars can be pre-scripted and can be well thought out. We can build a good scalability in this model by training multiple people for the webinar. Having a fixed schedule displayed on our website will create a good impression in the minds of the prospects. We can also choose to make these webinars interactive by allowing the attendees to ask questions so that we get an opportunity to handle objections.



Podcasts are small audio bytes popular amongst people who prefer audio over text/ images. There has been a trend of people using their commute time in listening to podcasts.  So what can the podcast be about? Like the webinars, podcasts can be with customers, industry leaders or even with your internal expert team. Pick a theme and record podcasts around it. While it’s heard that podcasts of 30-40 minutes also, shorter podcasts are mostly prefered– say around 12-15 minutes at most. The advantages of podcasts from business perspective are :–

  • We get an opportunity to connect with influencers from our industry and be in their eyeline and establish connection with them.
  • We get valuable content to share with our target audience. This content be then reused in many ways – through our website, blog, newsletters, email campaigns, and so on and that too on a continuous basis.
  • We get to take a position in the industry as someone who is interested in the latest topics and taking efforts to assist the community through knowledge sharing.

Influencer Marketing

With social media, it has become easy to connect with anyone. But there is a difference between connection and conversation. If done rightly, we can meaningfully connect with influencers from our industry, engage with them and then take the conversation to next level. Influencer marketing is often misinterpreted as celebrities endorsing our brand. That’s a very superficial way of looking at it. Influencer marketing really means – identifying a list of influencers from our industry, map their social presence and interact with them on the platform of their choice.

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LinkedIn Groups

Having a profile on LinkedIn does not mean that one is active on LinkedIn. There are many more ways in which we can leverage this powerful platform. LinkedIn groups are very powerful to connect with like-minded people and establish our thought leadership in front of a targeted group of individuals. As a company, we can start our own LinkedIn group around a theme or a topic – note that starting a group in our company name is not useful. The group needs to connect people with similar interests. They should derive value from being part of our group. As an administrator of the group, it is our responsibility to keep the group activity relevant and ongoing.


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  • 4 years ago

    Marian   /   Reply

    Webinars and podcast are very helpful indeed.

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    Anamitra Saha   /   Reply

    Yes, you’re right Marian.

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