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Don’t Fall Prey To Top 3 SEO Myths

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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is that domain of digital marketing that indirectly tends to affect other aspects such as website traffic, unique views, the content structure, visibility of the content on several platforms etc.

If we go by the core crux technical aspect then, Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it is profoundly known as can be stated as the process of a website or web page’s visibility on search engines such as Google, Bing etc. which affect the search results both ‘natural’ as well as unpaid or ‘organic’.  

With a view to adhere to all these aforesaid concepts that leave a great impact on the SEO value altogether, it becomes essential to keep a track of certain things. However, with every concept comes along the fact of certain myths and misconceptions that tend to restrict you in making the amendments and alterations in the prescribed format. If you too have those misconceptions hovering over your mind and bothering then, this piece of information will readily help you to stay at bay from all the myths and misapprehensions pertaining to SEO:

SEO Myths

  • Google Hummingbird Created Irrelevancy For Keyword Targeting

Hummingbird brought in by the search engine giant Google, was the sole reason that altered the future of search altogether. This new feature compelled the content makes or creators or writers to readily opt in for such kind of an approach that shall act in favour of the end user. Moreover, if at all the keywords are being reflected on the first page of Google then it simply implies that the relevancy of the the keywords still matter.

  • Meta Tags’ Do Not Have Any Impact on SEOMeta tag

Yet another myth or misconception that you might come across or must have already read or heard is that the meta tags , viz. the the title tag, meta description and keywords are not of any importance. Here is a video that will answer the query pertaining to the importance level of meta tags, from SEO point of view.

  • Search Engine Giant Google Will Trace Your Fresh Content & Index It As Well

Yet another one of the most common and widely heard statement that one comes across is that as and when you create and publish the content, it shall get crawled. Not only this, the content will also be indexed as well. For search engine bots feed, a fresh set of content is equivalent to having prepared a fresh meal and served to it.

Have you ever thought that simply by doing this, your content will also get crawled and indexed as well? The answer to this is “YES” but it does not happen immediately, it does take a couple of days to get the content crawled and indexed on the search engines.

So, do not fall prey to these top 3 SEO myths and share about the same so that the misconceptions can be removed.

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