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Don’t Post Pics To Increase Facebook Organic Reach

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One of the most sought after social media marketing platform for interactions and maintaining social connect with the people is Facebook! This platform has proved to be beneficial not only for the individuals but also for the working professionals and business entities to reach out to the masses by building a social connect.

If a special mention is laid on the news feeds that crop up on Facebook, that is the base on which the entire page is dependent on. It is mostly the companies or business entities that create their Facebook pages so as to keep people updated about the new happenings revolving in and around that domain. This is the prime reason why much focus, time and effort is laid on creating and improvising the Facebook page with a view to generate more traffic for a better organic reach structure.

Primarily, the news feed which basically comprises of constant updations of the list of theories of the particular home page comprises of status updates, photos, videos, sharing of links, app related activities, likes, comments and shares from the pages and groups that are being followed on Facebook.

Facebook organic reach

More so, the basic objective for any Facebook page owner is to leave a great impact on the viewers which is feasible by enriching the page quality for generating a better organic reach. So, if you too wish to increase the Facebook organic reach, here is what you should absolutely not do. It lately happened so that the engagement level was much more in terms of sharing photos on Facebook. However, it is not the same anymore. Yes! Ironically, as per the data by SocialBakers, it has come across that posting photos will not fetch much content to your Facebook page.

Of late, it has come across that the News Feed Algorithm does not like to have more of pictures posted on the wall. Well, that was one of the core crux elements on which the page owners used to cash upon to put across the message to the desired set of audience. However, as stated previously after the report substantiated by Socialbakers, it has been evidently witnessed that photos are not doing well as videos, links or even text-only posts are considered.

Business Insider reported:

The Socialbakers data, which covered 4,445 Brand pages and more than 670,000 posts between October 2014 and February 2015, shows that video is now the most effective way to reach users in the newsfeed, driving more than twice as much reach as photo posts.

Photos had the lowest organic reach (the percentage of a page’s fans that see a post, without the page owner needing to pay for advertising to boost the post further) over the period, with only an average of 3 out of every 100 (3.7%) page fans seeing a photo post. On the other hand, videos garnered an average organic reach of 8.7%. Links and text-only (defined by Socialbakers as “status”) posts follow with organic reach average’s of 5.3% and 5.8% respectively (although their positions in the organic reach hierarchy were interchangeable over the fourth quarter of 2014…).

Let us have a look at the organic reach comparison that varies from format to format:


While, the average fan reach for each type of can be reflected in the infographic below:


Going by the report shared, it is clearly evident that instead of photos, it is the videos that will actually work out for increasing Facebook organic reach. One of the blog posts shared by Socialbakers, states that “The real growth point today is in videos. While they are more promoted than photos -27% of all videos are promoted, compared to 17% of photos -there are so many more photos than videos that the new format is still far more effective at reaching audiences.”

Interestingly enough, videos are still much more effective than photos as they generate a 148% increase in reach. The amount of video from people and brands in News Feed has increased 3.6 times globally year-over-year. So, now you know what exactly is to be leveraged upon so as to increase the Facebook organic reach.

Did this actually apply to your Facebook page as well? Share your experience and views in the comments section below.

Image Credits: WebProNews, Socialbakers

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  • There are 2 comments

    • 4 years ago

      Pratik Ahuja   /   Reply

      I guess this is something that most companies atleast here in India are not aware of!
      Good learning 🙂

    • 4 years ago

      Aparna   /   Reply

      Organizations use images and videos to improve the visual impact. But bombarding visitors with images will harm the page view. There should be a decent mix of contents. Videos have better impact than images. Using appropriate strategies will definitely help the marketer to improve their Facebook viewership.

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