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Emergency- my Facebook fans are upset, please help!

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Oh god what will happen now? Don’t panic, this phase shall pass too just follow the below mentioned tips.

Remain active and respond courteously: Your fans are angry or upset,that does not mean you should hide under the table or lock yourself; rather respond to their complaints in a courteous manner. Stay active on facebook wall.

Ann Taylor Inc. is a perfect example to demonstrate this postulate. They posted photographs of a new product- silk cargo pant (by Loft ) on their Facebook page it also had a click–to-buy link, many fans bought that product. Situation suddenly turned when their fans started posting pants look great on model, who was tall and slim-built and asked if they could prove that pants would look ‘good on real women’. The photographs were posted again on wall next day; these were of women ranging from size 2 to size 12(with height from 5’3” to 5’10”). A possible threat turned to opportunity.

Be a patient listener: Be a patient listener, before blurting out anything randomly, listen carefully and then respond.

DM your angry customer: After cooing your angry customer in public, direct message him and get his contact details. Answer his concerns, solve his problem and if you do it pretty well, he might remove the post himself or he might share his positive experience in both the cases you are in win-win situation.

Don’t remove post without consent of your fan: Never try to delete a fan post without his permission. “A small spark will turn into forest fire”.

A friend of mine had problem with Ford car, he posted on their wall, but instead of listening to his complaint he was blocked. He messaged all his friends- “Ford Figo has blocked my profile because I have shared my bad experience on their facebook page. The suspension of figo is horrible, I have just completed 8000 km and the sound comes from every corner. Friends I want a favor from all of you please write on their wall on my behalf”. As a result wall was flooded with this message, finally he was contacted by Ford Figo local branch manager and his problem was resolved, but all this could have been avoided if they would have resolved his issues earlier.

Let your Loyalists respond: “Customer is king”-do remember this golden phrase, always maintain cordial relations with them and see them turning as your brand ambassadors. You will not need to worry about ugly comments, fans will do the needful

If you have a loyal fan base, you are richest amongst all Facebook page owners, despite not having biggest fan numbers

Transparency: Always be authentic and transparent with your fans, do admit the truth and take your responsibility if you are wrong rather than hiding under the bush.

A similar mistake made by Nestle who never heeded to Greenpeace activists’ voice, rather got busy in removing negative comments, result: a new logo “Killer Nestle” was created and got circulated. Curbed voice started echoing from every corner, and NESTLE: the sweet czar turned sour. Finally Nestle announced about their environmental initiatives and reformatory plans to avoid deforestation but by that time a lot had been lost – dropping stock prices and lost faith of loyalists.

Remember, Anger of fans spreads like epidemic, so please cure when it breaks through first fan rather than waiting for whole community to get infected!!

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