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Essential constituents of your Social Media Policy

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Can you imagine a country without rules and laws? If at all such country exists, then it is sure that it would be on verge of extinction, because if everyone starts doing whatever he wants then life will be full of chaos, fights …….isn’t it. Similar will be situation if your Social media team will not have any consolidated guidelines or Social Media Policy, let’s find more about this “Social Media Policy”.

Social Media Policy

A social media policy (also called a social networking policy) is a corporate code of conduct that provides guidelines for employees who post content on the Internet either as part of their job or as a private person.

Now question is ‘how to begin’, its not that easy, since social media thrives on communication but how you can put boundaries to communication, and if at all you put boundaries for your team, ‘what will happen if an employee leaves organization’, ‘what if your fan tries to distort your brand image’ ‘should everyone amongst your employees apart from social media team be allowed to use social networks’ questions are many. We will counter these queries one by one and create some basic postulates for a social media policy.

Account/ Page ownership and delegation

Social Media Fan Page or Account is face of brand, so needs to handled carefully and should be delegated in deserving hands. Questions like ‘Who is going to be community manager( I mean a thorough bio check of the concerned person)’, ‘what all things he should ponder before grabbing position’ ‘Back up Community Manager’ ‘ What if community manager leaves company’ ‘Changing and handing of passwords carefully to new person’ all this and many more needs to be worked out.

Engagement Guideline

Engagement mantra- is your key to success, so plan it carefully. ‘Content strategy’ ‘Conversation theme’ ‘Creating connect with audience’ ‘Charismatic innovations’ all C’s should be worked upon and included in brand’s social media policy.

Mannerism of employees on social network

Social media etiquette or mannerism is most important guideline to be included in Social media policy, ‘how your employees should use social media channels for brand promotion’ ‘what should be ways of promotion’ ‘how to participate on fan page’ ‘how to handle things in closed wraps if your employee friend is your competitor’ ‘if employee posts a general status update, he should incorporate a disclaimer that these are his personal views and not of company(of whom he is considered a representative) all these things should be considered.

Disclosure policy

As an employee we become part and parcel of nitigrities of the brand, so it should be decided beforehand, by brand owners that how much information can employees disclose or what to disclose , since everyone uses social networks these days and once something goes on internet you can’t erase it. I hope everyone remembers the disgusting Dominos employee video

Brand owners watch out your image is at stake !

Crisis Management

Like Volacanos and earthquakes, social media crisis can happen any day without any prior notice, so always remain prepared for crisis management.

‘What would be content strategy’, ‘how will you handle angry clientele’, ‘who will engage in conversation with audience’, ‘whether your conversation strategy should be defensive or offensive’ ‘how to turn conversation positively’ all these points should be included in social media strategy.

Social media policy or guidelines cannot be as stringent as rules, you need to keep improvising it by trial and error and ultimately you will get a perfect policy for your brand. Remember stay social online and offline too( with your team) !!





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