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Expand Small Size Businesses With 8 Social Media Marketing Tips

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Marketing has remained a crucial area determining the success of any business, any industry and any sector since time immemorial. Marketing has been on the shelf of management schools till today simply because there is no escape from it. Bad marketing can ruin even a wonderful product. As the saying goes, there are no free lunches, even marketing has its costs involved. Bigger players have always remained on the top of consumer’s mind as they had the capacity to shell out money on various means of promotion. But small and newly established firms are on a perennial shortage of funds. These days, India is witnessing a flood of start-ups. These start-ups at least in their initial stages are struggling with conventional marketing methods because of the costs involved. Excessive competition for funding through venture capitalists forces them to think out of the box and it is here that social media marketing makes all the difference. Social media marketing has to be applied in the most creative, noteworthy and extraordinary manner which has the potential to take any small business or start-ups to great heights. Social Media Marketing can be leveraged almost free of cost because making an account or creating a page on any social media platform is free. But as small business or start-ups make further progress, it must make efficient use of digital marketing by utilizing the services of experts.

Here are some easy tips to expand and enhance business for small size business:

  1. Create a presence on “the  big five group”- The first step is to mark presence on social media platforms by creating an account on the big social media platforms of the day -Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and LinkedIn. The fact to note is that these days even large organisations take due care to present themselves on these platforms. Large organisations or organisations who already have made a brand of themselves do not spare any opportunity to mark their existence on these platforms. Since these platforms are free for everyone, there is no reason why small businesses and start-ups should not be on these platforms. Social Media platforms give an equal opportunity and a fair deal to small business. In reality, making effective use of these platforms give small business an edge, as they are able to be on the same footing as large organisations. Today, we all live in a time where almost entire planet is connected through these social media platforms. The whole humankind seems to have adapted to this system of connecting with fellow beings. Thus, it seems inevitable to live without them and more so for small businesses.
  2. Sharing content on social media platforms- Social Media platforms are mainly social gatherings of people in virtual space. Social gatherings whether in physical presence or in virtual reality is all about sharing -sharing content, sharing experiences good or bad, sharing deep desires and expectations and sharing dreams. Social Media platforms are the best places to share one’s blogs so as to gather more eyeballs. Social Media professionals often struggle to think what all can be posted which somehow directs people’s conversations towards their purpose but the apt strategy should be just to begin conversations and let it take its own directions because one must remember people do not want to come to these platforms to be engrossed by marketing materials but built social relationships and therefore just flow with what is going and try to be as honest with potential customers and form trustworthy relationships.
  3. Share other’s content- One truth be told is that any single individual, any single  organisation cannot come up with a complete picture. We need diversity in thoughts, perspectives and experiences to garner attention of a potentially larger audience and what best method to generate user valued content than to invite them to share what matters to them and then share it generously. Not only it will be appreciated by those whose content shared but also others who value that the organisation respects its audience.
  4. Sharing content again and again– Shelf life of content shared on social media platforms is very short hardly fifteen minutes or so. So, content has to be shared several times a day so as to make a deep impact upon on the audience. If content is not shared at frequent intervals it runs into the risk of getting buried under so much content that floats on these platforms on a daily basis. To remain on the top of customer’s mind, marketers must make efforts to share content at repeated intervals. But one must keep in mind that intervals should not be so short that target audience starts getting irritated and blocks the organisation’s posts and content. Therfeore, a fine balance is the need of the hour.
  5. Engage with users– Being present on social media platforms obviously means one thing- that the organisation believes in the social aspect of human behaviour and hence will not use these platforms solely for the purpose of business. Being social means engagement with people, interactions, indulging in social activities and the like. It is not something done under pressure to achieve some predefined target to interact with people. On the contrary, impact of social media platforms is more subtle and one should engage with as many people on these platforms as possible.
  6. Be genuine, be original and off course be nice– Foundations of trustworthy relationships an organisation wishes to establish with help of these social platforms is authenticity and truth. Marketers must project their true picture on these platforms rather than creating inflated persona. Genuine and honest relationships have the potential to travel long journeys together without even slightest of issues coming in between. Therefore, marketers are advised to be as original and truthful towards their customers and if in case marketers believe otherwise, customers will not take long enough to discover truth in today’s times, so it is better to come up with original profile.
  7. Systematize everything– Proper planning should go before deciding the type of content, its quality, timing and on what kind of social networks are suitable for the same. Any random posting, conversations shall confuse your customers and may even prove harmful. It may even lend a bad reputation to the firm. So, it very critical that everything  is organised and proper reasoning is going into it.
  8. Test, Test and Test– Social marketers should not be afraid of testing new things, new innovations and must be courageous enough to try and perform out of the box. This is so because unless they do that, audience is going to get bored with its current methodologies sooner or later and then coming with new ideas will be all the more mandatory. Therefore, it is advised to keep on trying new things as a part of normal routine.

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