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Facebook Brings LiveStreaming Feature For One And All

Facebook Brings LiveStreaming Feature For One And All
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Facebook has set of creative minded folks who keep on innovating features like Livestreaming which is supported in both iOS and android platforms to bring more users to stay connected with Facebook for so long.Facebook is one such amazing social networking platform where already 1 billion+ users existing and a number of users signing up day by day.

Facebook videos-It is happening in today’s era

Facebook serves as a fantastic place where many people spend their time by just scrolling down what others posted in the form of pictures, memes,videos wherein the number of videos shared and watched on Facebook have been drastically increased nowadays.Krithiga Reddy- Facebook India MD commented in one of her recent meetings that Facebook videos have been sky rocketing that the number of users switching from text to videos contents.Do you know the count of the number of videos streamed daily throughout India well, It just crossed more than 8 million videos per day  in just India whereas 10 billion videos globally which have been watched by over 500 million users and approximately  over 100 million hours of videos on a day Such an enormous amount to get belief! 

videos on facebook


what the Facebook has given for those video lovers?

To tackle with the changing mindset of people Facebook come up  with a couple of new features which allows the users to see videos with an ease.They launched the live streaming videos and 360-degree videos.Facebook also provides formats that are compatible to work on low-bandwidth phones and a slideshow ad unit,where a set of photos can be put up like a video.

Livestreacem for facebook


If you are popular personality/celebrity or any media and want to go live? Livestream feature of Facebook helps you to get the fame we can add prevailing channels or start a fresh one to go live.Facebook has got an option to customize the  Livestreaming applications to suit your needs where you can have  pay-per-view, donation, ‘like-to-watch’, live-blogging, multi-channel and so much to be listed.They also help you out on how to create your show with their Livestream productions music showreel.

One can start with Livestream for Facebook Homepage by agreeing to the invitation when prompted. To start with your own channel fill up the basic details like Livestream username, password, channel name, and enter your email address  and some more stuff correctly you are set to live by clicking the “Signup” button. once everything is properly done we can watch out the Livestream channel on Facebook.

When they launched the Livestream in 2015  this Live streaming feature can be used by only certain big shots.This help in knowing about the new feature and help one to self-grow to attain the stage.One can do some edit on the live video but they have restricted the limitations like video filters, to doodle on videos,  to invite a friend to a live video, live reactions, and comments, and  to replay those reactions and comments only to certain people (-0.42%) 

The speciality about facebook Livestreaming, when compared to other live apps, is that the live video will remain on your FB page for a longer run unless you delete it whereas in other it is automatically going to trash after a certain period of time.FB also send timely alerts to those who have subscribed or following your page or the person who connected with your page in recent times  about your live and also appears on the top of the news feed  than other info or shares.

Must follow rules for Livestreaming – Advice on Facebook!

  1. Timing matters a lot when you go live the longer you go live you’ll get a number of visitors for your broadcast
  2. Commenters are your greatest boost  give them a warm welcome with their name
  3. Few catchy lines before you go live will increase the expectation followers and viewers response for the show
  4. The time of broadcasting should be notified well in advance for your viewers and keep a strict check on time for the life.
  5. Perfect connection of Wi-Fi else the strong 4G connection is must when you set out for a life.

if you miss the Livestreaming- what to do?

FB have devoted place for the live videos and they keep on posting about the upcoming live video and the possibility of where they come from at the time.They can log into to watch the missed out and upcoming live info and they can customize or add in some abilities to the video there. But everyone in this world is not very keen on watching those live even though they are their big fan  and it respects users issues and try building the feature  to mute the notification about the live show that will be launched in quite some time.

branding with live stream

Professionals or organizations would like to take up the premium feature of Livestream as it comes up with a bundle of extra services for the one wish to do brand building or personal branding.

  • One can get rid of ads and  full control of videos with sustainable viewer’s experience.
  •  High-quality  broadcasting(up to 1,700 Kbps).
  • Set a password for your live and make it private and  restrict the countries and websites that can watch/embed your channel.  

Facebook has opened  up a new feature in live streaming which is the new camera that goes hand in hand with live streaming Mevo will be the stand alone camera which can be integrated seamlessly with the streaming app this Mevo is basically a low-budget camera which can serve as an alternative for the multi-camera live streaming can pre-order it in the Facebook and save $100 from your pocket which is well suited for video professionals and smart business professionals who opt for quality videos without much spending.

camera for live streaming

The social media giant has taken much bigger step by launching the live streaming to change the way of contents for business and thereby helping out business in a better way to show off their brand/ launching the brand with the quality videos attracts many customers than the reality.Video platform is becoming instrumental in reaching out the audience than the traditional marketing.

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