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Four plugins, widgets and add-ons to strengthen blog’s performance

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The blog is more than a content with real estate above, below, and to the side of the blog post. But with so many different plugins, widgets, and add-ons out there to choose from, it is tough to decide what to add and what to leave out.
This leaves the blog manager agitated, and it results in a blog with tons of unnecessary whistles and bells. Thus the blog becomes over cluttered and looks unprofessional and messy, and when there are lots of widgets and plugins competing, it can also dilute the performance of those single add-ons and no one wants this.
So to enhance blog’s performance, common add-ons that can be considered are given listed below. The list contains those add-ons that must be included in every blog. It also provides the blogger with information so that he can prioritize which ones make sense for his blog.
Common add-ons to consider for blog
1. Email subscribe form
It is a great way to build up readership by converting casual visitors into dedicated email subscribers. It also generates a community of content converters. They will also likely share the content with other people in their networks through social media and email. This way the blog is being exposed to a brand new audience.
Email subscribe form is an absolute must have for any should be present in every article that is published.

2. Social share button
Readers should be provided with a social share button along with every post that is published. This gives an additional benefit by exposing the content not only to those in the network, but also to people in the reader’s network. It also a must have in every blog.

3. RSS feed
RSS subscription is also preferred by many people. RSS subscribers tend to be a little more passive than email subscribers. They are beneficial in the same ways as email subscribers. But at the same it should be made sure that the RSS feed is easily available for the visitors who are looking for it, otherwise they will get fed up by hunting for it all around and then bounce from the site without subscribing.

4. Comment section
A comment section is strongly recommend because it then encourages a dialogue between the author and the reader. Including a comment section promotes a sense of community among the author and the reader. It makes the blog much more engaging and interactive. It also helps the blogger to come up with new topics for future blog posts.

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