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Get Set To Use Google Adword keyword Planner Effectively

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keyword planner SEOWith the help of the right set of keywords you can easily get your ads to show up on the relevant searches. There are many tools available in the market to get the right keywords and phrases. Choosing the right tool can be difficult. That is where the Google’s keyword planner comes in. This adwords tool can help you create a variety of search marketing campaigns. This blog will show you how to find the keywords and ad groups. Find out popularity of keywords in the past and to determine and predict their performance in the future. Additionally, also learn how to create and multiply keywords lists. So, get set to use Google adwords keyword planner effectively.

1. Get started on the Google AdWords Keyword Planner tool

First and foremost sign into your adwords account then click on the tools menu and select keyword planner. Let’s check out how to get keyword ideas for a campaign. Click on the “search for new keyword and ad group ideas”. Complete all the required details in the boxes. Provide description and the URL of your website. This will help you get more relevant keyword ideas and filter out the irrelevant ones. Click on “get ideas”. The tool will present you with a list of ad groups and keyword ideas under the respective tabs. Review the historical statistics tabs and then choose the keywords/ad group ideas suitable for your campaign plan. Once you have chosen the relevant ad groups ideas and keywords then click on “review estimates’. The tool will then show you a graph with many estimates, like impressions, clicks, average position and cost. This information can be used to decide on the bid amounts.

2. Estimate Popularity and traffickeyword volume

There are other ways to effectively use the keyword planner tool. You can also find out the popularity of a keyword or phrase if you already have a list with you. Enter all the keywords in your list, separated by commas. Simply click on the “get search volume” and find out how the keywords have performed and their popularity. Further, click keyword ideas tab for the historical statistics like search volumes for a specific data range and competitor data. You can also get estimations for your keywords’ future performance by clicking on “get traffic estimates” for a list of keywords to get cost and click estimates. You can even view the estimates for a list of keywords and phrases.

3. Keyword multiplier

You can multiply keyword lists to get new ideas for your campaigns. If you already have keyword lists with different focus ideas then you can easily get multiple ideas with different combinations of keywords. For example, for your used car business, you could have a list containing keywords related to locations and another list with keywords related to the types of cars available. Upload the keyword lists in the boxes provided. You can also choose to view the traffic estimates and search volume for the multiplied keywords. The Google adwords keyword tool will then combine the keywords and give you new ideas like, ‘Pune, BMW X1’ along with traffic estimates.

Use these 3 tips to use Google adwords keyword planner effectively and maximize your traffic, sales and revenues.

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