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Getting event coverage from bloggers

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New product launch, clothing- line display, art exhibition or a cultural event, whatever may be occasion, no event is successful without media coverage. Getting reporters for event is easy, but getting “the blogger” to event is a big time affair.

Bloggers are creative people and with their art of playing with words they keep you hooked to their blogs and writings and getting event coverage from an esteemed blogger is like an icing on cake for event. As

their words do the wonder, without being pushy or irritating they can sell your idea easily. So we are just sharing few tips on how to get bloggers for event coverage.

Welcome them with formal invitation

Invite them with formal invitation, with proper pitch and approach. Don’t merely send them media invite but in fact begin the conversation by sending an introductory letter briefing about organization and event. Invite becomes irresistible if invitation is from an industry expert/ hot shot (who rarely converses with people) rather than from a marketing manager and entice them with a hint of possible opportunities.

What is in for me?

That’s a big question for blogger, why should he go for event?

That’s up to organizer’s approach that how will you make event most happening place, free gifts, goody bags, free dine and wine, give plenty notice time and lure of meeting industry’s top bosses.

Identifying a blogger

Bloggers can be biggies or beginners, it’s not their CV which you need for selection but infact  its their work that needs to be considered. Before shortlisting a blogger just go through his blogs, media reports, tweets and you will find out who is best fit for your event.


If your organization is not the best host (I mean if you don’t want to reward bloggers with goody bags or gift vouchers) then don’t worry a big brand name and esteemed event-guest list could be the best way to attract blogger to event. Opportunity of business –offering advertisements on their blog, tie-ups for further event coverages, and these reasons are good enough for bloggers to cover your event.

Pay them, honour them

Combination of fame+money+love works like a guaranteed formula and will do the needful for you in convincing blogger. I will elaborate more on this- Pay them in cash or kind, honour them by inviting for guest speech, introducing them to event guests and last but not least make the way comfortable for them that means an accessible venue, transport facility and hotel stay if required.

Bloggers are great brand promoters; you can’t deny their importance so just follow these steps for enticing them.

Share with us your ideas for attracting bloggers and even opinions & expectations of bloggers are welcome.


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