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Google Adword Keyword Planner – A Great Tool To Succeed With SEO

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Search engine optimisation is something that is indispensable for each and every business and no one can do without it. In order to gain maximum from SEO, it is essential that there are proper keywords used to attract the right kind of traffic to the website. There are many tools available for the purpose but Google Adword Keyword Planner is something that is of great value to any business. Read on to find how this tool can help you in achieving your business goals efficiently. The adwords are meant to structure a SEO campaign in the best possible manner. Without basing the campaign on the appropriate keywords it is very hard to attract the traffic online.

The keywords are the main driving factor in a search engine marketing campaign as the higher the relevance of the keywords according to a particular business, location and demographical factors, the higher are the chances of striking the right chord with the visitors or onlookers. The time to complete the sales cycle can be reduced tremendously with the usage of exact keywords in an adword campaign. When people see the keywords they had in their minds the chances are that it will prompt the user to buy the product instead of simply enquiring about it. They will no longer mind to shell out the pennies to grab the product or service that is simply right for you.

The first concern of a SEO expert is to look for the ideas to generate proper keywords that have the potential to gain the attention of the interested customers. To do this enter the dashboard, click on adwords, tools and then keyword planner. This will get us to the keyword planner itself. When you enter into the keyword planner itself you will find an option to check for some keyword in your mind.

For example- you are looking for the keyword ‘knee pain’. Enter it into the box and obtain the details for the same. The tabular data shows the various keyword phrases with the exact number of people who have typed it in. There is an option to remove the junk data from the final result by just entering the similar ones in the box asking for the keywords that you do not want to see in the search. In case of the keyword ‘knee pain’ the result will include the phrases such as ‘knee pain doctor’, ‘knee pain treatment’ which is fine as far as you are interested in gaining the ideas for a keyword but the related keyword such as ‘arthritis’ is certainly not welcomed.

A Google Adword Keyword Planner helps you in 3 good ways. First is to get the ideas, secondly it is to find the location and third is to remove the garbage from the search results while using the adword planner. The location must be understood before you find out the keywords. For example you wish to open up a clinic in a city in US. Search for the appropriate keyword for the location in US. Just type in the location name and the search will be customised accordingly.

A search can either be for educational purpose or for transactional one. An educational search means that the person is interested to learn about a topic for some reason and the latter one refers to the business one where a person is looking for a service or product. The business can be expanded with the help of this adword planner tool as it gives reliable data showing the number of people who are actually looking for the same keyword.

An educational keyword may also be designed to attract the customers for the same service as in the case of some educational course. An example of transactional keyword is ‘knee pain surgeon’ and its educational counterpart is ‘knee pain’. The same can be designed targeting a particular location for higher returns. The amount a business is paying for a particular keyword is also seen in the tabular form. The quantity versus quality of a keyword is understood well by the data and enables a marketer to take the right decision regarding the choice of a particular keyword which is highly paid but not searched that much.

Now, what if you wish to understand why the website of your competitor is always ranking high on SERPs? In order to understand this interesting thing, you need to go through some interesting steps. Firstly, you must go to the competitor’s website and copy its URL. Then paste it in the adword planner (at the appropriate box) and click on the button ‘get ideas’. This will enable you to get a list of the keywords that were typed in by the users to land on the website page of your competitor. The list may or may not be useful for you but not to worry as there is an option to know different keywords that suit your business. Pick up some of the keywords from the list and launch the campaign. The volume may not be high but this is certainly a good way to get ideas for your campaign.

This tool is used to get the keyword ideas, compare the keywords between commerce according to their volume and value and lastly to steal the ideas of your competitors and score high on search engine result page from now onwards. Besides these good features, there are many additional features that can be utilised for good by the ambitious businesses today. One such feature is using negative keywords for a search. While you are searching for the most appropriate keywords for your marketing campaign, it is essential that you do not get lost in the big ocean of keywords that seem to be similar to the one you want but actually ruin the whole process. Just type the negative keyword which you do not want to see and then launch your search or hit the ‘get ideas’ button.

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