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Google Home: A new Competition to Amazon Echo

Google Home: A new Competition to Amazon Echo

Recently, Google has come up with ‘Google Home’, a new Wi-Fi speaker along with your microphones to help you with your daily home chores.

What Are Digital Personal Assistants?

Well, in this digitized world, we are coming up with every possible gadget that is beyond time. One of them is digital personal assistants. The world is going digital and the workload is increasing which makes us want a digital personal assistant even more. These digital personal assistants help you with your everyday digital processes. If you want to be organized and search for things quickly via voice commands, they will help you out.

What Can You Do With Digital Personal Assistant?

There are a number of tasks you can get done from digital personal assistants. Some of them are:

  1. Write emails/messages
  2. Perform web searches
  3. Set reminders, alarms, and calendar events
  4. Place phone calls
  5. Read content from websites, mail, or messages
  6. Play medias like photos/music/videos

Some of the examples of how you can ask your device to perform a task:

  1. “Siri, call Dad.”
  2. “Google, what’s the temperature today?”
  3. “Cortana, set a reminder for 5 pm show.”

Examples of Digital Personal Assistants

There are many digital personal assistants nowadays, majorly in mobile devices like Google Now for Android devices, Siri in Apple devices, and Cortana for Microsoft.Sources: Android Guys dot com

Other than Google Home, there are other Digital Personal Assistants that has already been in the market.

Alexa (Amazon Echo)

Connected with the computer like network device ‘The Echo’, Alexa can automate different network-connected equipment. Echo is a stand-alone unit to be able to have all of your network-connected devices talk to each other with performing simple tasks like playing music from your phones, sites, or iTunes, checking the weather, reading web articles, calling someone from your address book etc.

Cortana (Windows Phone)

Being created with universal APIs (application programming interfaces), Cortana DPA evolves and is more capable of performing in-app requests. For instance, you can ask Cortana to access Facebook.

Ivona (Amazon Fire OS)

Ivona also known as Firefly, is available on Kindle Fire and Fire Phone with Fire OS 3.5 and plus. It uses the same technology like Alexa. However, it is limited to tasks like place a call (fire phone only), send a message and search the web. Though there is a designated firefly button built into all Fire OS devices and is meant to use the touch and camera as opposed to speech.

Say, for example, you can take a photo of contact information and press the Firefly button and it will prompt you on-screen if you wish to add this information to your contact list.

However, with Google’s recent announcement at Google I/O 2016, it seems that digital personal assistant will now be available for your mobile phones.

Google Home to Beat Amazon’s Echo?

Released nearly a year and half ago, Echo, Amazon’s intelligent speaker, can receive voice commands from anywhere in the home and work according to them. Google has planned to give stiff competition to Amazon with its new speaker, Google Home, a Wi-Fi speaker along with microphones to solve you with home purposes.

What Can Google Home Do?

Google Home helps you with everyday works like making calls, setting the alarm, tweaking your schedule, and more. These tasks can be done via issuing voice commands from anywhere in the home. This digital personal assistant is in an always-listening mode so as to receive your voice commands at a go.

Google also connects your smart home system without any hustle. With a smart home system, you can get temperature feedback, turn lights off and on, and many more things like using the trending Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

You can also ask Google Home to play a song or decrease the volume. It connects to the cloud to stream your music with the best quality. You can also use Google Home to stream videos also. For instance, you can tell Google Home to play ‘Titanic movie’ and it will appear on your screen.

Not just these, Google Home can also be used to control other speakers in your home without complicating the setup. Also, you can search anything on Google via Google Home. For instance, you can ask about the score of a game you missed or certain facts in the history. Well, this is basically asking anything you would search on Google search engine.

One of the most interesting things is that this personal assistant doesn’t have general knowledge. However, it will keep learning about you and your personal habits. This is achieved via machine learning techniques and modern artificial intelligence. This might mean invasion in privacy but as per Google, this happens only after granting permission.Source:

Google has made sure that Google Home fits with many different decors. With the modular case, you can customize the base shells with different colors. Thus, it will make a difference to people who don’t wish to have only available color like for the Echo which is in black.

When will Google Home be Available?

Google announced that they will be making this digital personal assistant available later this year. The price of the same is not announced yet.

While Echo, Amazon’s digital speaker had the monopoly in the market, but with the introduction of Google Home, the competition to Amazon’s Echo will be useful. There seems to be a start of getting intelligent devices like these in the future.


After the release of Amazon Echo, Alexa personal assistant in 2014, this product caught eyes of many. Google ever since then has been trying to get an Echo killer.

Do you think Google Home will beat Alexa? How do you think these personal digital assistants will help?

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