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Google introduces new ‘Hummingbird’ algorithm

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Officially launched last week, Google’s new algorithm is believed to have change the search functionality in last 10 years.

Hummingbird is more than SEO and also more than just a search. It is basically the company’s approach to match the meaning of queries with that of documents on the internet.

New Algorithm is all about Mobile

One of the most telling things about this new update is that Google chose to it with images of mobile app rather than its desktop site. This might not be very surprising as from the past few years, Google had been working on to make it easier for you to pull out your phone, ask Google a question and get your answer as quickly as possible. Hummingbird is believed to be just an extension of the same.

Since mobile is the future as stats also reveal that more and more people are browsing their emails and important conversations on mobile, this new algorithm will answer users search queries in the most mobile friendly manner. Overall, the future of Google search is mobile focused and question-oriented.

It’s about meaning and not just keywords

In addition to making search results mobile friendly, another core value of this new algorithm is a shift in focus away from keywords and towards intent and semantics, which is believed to be more relevant also for the users. You might have noticed that a few years back, Google search results were solely based on queries, but today the search results are shown on a variety of other signals such as location, social connections and some of your previous searches.

In other words, stuffing your webpages content with SEO friendly keywords will not help anymore. Or, as Google search guru, Matt Cutts like to put it, Google of the future ‘is about things, not strings.’

There aren’t any losers yet

What’s surprising about Google’s new update is that unlike recent Google Algorithm updates, there aren’t any clear losers this time.

There are not any such reports where people have claimed to lose traffic, unlike other updates which often produce vocal losers and silent winners. In fact, if you check the results of Panda update, there were many sites that saw their traffic cut by as much as 50 percent. In contrast, humming bird is pretty much harmless.

While SEO experts are still trying to figure out whether the arrival of Hummingbird means they’ll have to change their strategies, Sullivan says the general SEO advice remains the same: “Have good, descriptive content, and you should be doing all you can be doing to tap into long-tail searches,” he wrote.

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