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Harnessing The Power Of Data At GMAW’15

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At the Global Marketing & Advertising Week 2015 (GMAW’15) is the most happening marketing events and it is the is the 4th mega edition of one the most significantly successful DMAi Annual Convention. Several concepts and topics related to the best form of marketing and advertising feasible for business enterprises, are being covered and talked about herein.

Amongst several parallel sesssions, one of the session was one-on-one interactive session led by Berlinda Lim who is the Head of Planning – APAC, Epsilon. Berlinda is seasoned CRM marketer possessing over 15 years of in-depth experience across a broad spectrum of disciplines; including data analytics, loyalty marketing, CRM systems, call center management, eCommerce, digital, brand development and creative planning. She has extensive regional experience working with multi-nationals and SMEs delivering turnkey CRM projects across Asia Pacific, Europe and Middle East. Her clients list includes Standard Chartered Bank, Starwood, Proctor & Gamble, ExxonMobil, Intel, IKEA, G2000, TopShop, TopMan, Dorothy Perkins, Wyndham, MSIG, PernodRicard and Wing Tai. Prior to joining Epsilon, she was the Country Manager for ICLP China, driving and leading ICLP business development in China with overall general management responsibility over Shanghai and Beijing offices. She was also Head of Analytics for POSSIBLE APAC bridging mature CRM analytics techniques with digital analytics and Business Director for AIMIA designing strategic CRM programs for clients within Asia Pacific region.

She talked about several concepts but primarily focussed on how to Harness the Power of Data: Think Big Yet Start Small. She started of delivering her knowledge by stating that the word ‘Big Data’ has come into use only in the last 3 years. Big Data has been used to see the price differention and Big data is daunting at times.
She then briefed about her company Epsilon. She stated that her company works for big names having millions of clients. They also work on EDM’s. Epsilon has got three companies aligned wherein market capitalization is close to 17 billion. Adding on to this, she stated that Epsilon runs coalition programme and that they bring brands together. Besides this, she even said that the clients are into analytics. Epsilon in a way complements all through the line of communication: digital and below the line EDM’s as well. Epsilon also runs data for American Express, which is one of their clients.

Big and Ugly Data:

There exist different type of data and in different forms. Wikipedia talks about what big data is and why the big data surface is made so. It is not based on price sensitivity based issues. In the previous times, data could be captured in spreadsheets in but now it is not the same anymore. Besides this, the role of technology also comes in as well.

She then said that as a marketer she needs to be conversant with her CEO. 50-60 years back there was just main frame data, but then as the economy grew, there is a need to grow the database as well.

With Internet age coming in, the point is more crucial now. The boundary of data has totally opened up. The cookie could have come from Russia or India etc. CMO’s and CEO’s need to come together for business growth.

5 years ago, Epsilon never talked about how big the data was. Volume of data and velocity of data was also crucial and it was in real-time. The structure was defined as well as it was that it was either unstructured.
When CRM came through 3 years back, technology was emphasized upon. The concept thus has surfaced over these years. Also, with the digital age coming in, data will be exploding and pouring in.

The major concept is not put force on the technical team, rather think from a strategic and logical point, only then can you get benefit from it and then invest in the data. You make decision when you know that the data is accurate. When we turn our campaign then the timing should be correct. So, the varsity of the programme is important. The type of collecting the data is crucial as with data go back to the question and then make the analysis.

Brinda quoted an example of pampers. In Japan, in a survey, all the mothers were asked how many babies did they have and how old they are. Are they below 3 years of age and accordingly they got to know what is the use of pampers to them. The mothers with 4 months old were price sensitive consumers. So, it is majorly about what should happen to your marketing programme. Spending time on advertising is important.

Coming on to another concept analytics, she said that analytics require special skill set. Those who perform analysis are the data scientists. Different skills are required for different set of data analytics, just like it is different for a retailer and likewise for others it will be. SQL language etc. are the concepts that are different for different types of data.

Very importantly, Brinda stated that she likes to speak to the business owner. We lead the conversation and go up to the management. What is the business’ financial outcome, is important because the thinking process is different and accordingly the team work arises. Marketing, IT and technical teams all are required to work in coordination.

Customer relationship with the brand should be strong. Like: ‘Nike’s tagline Just Do It! gives a sense of emotional bond and connect. It is the emotion of the brand. You need to make it emotional and not only sales focused. So, carry it through offline store and not only through online medium.

Data opportunity:

Data has evolved over the time but one need not be dumb found. Rather, you need to be upfrontly active. Thus was created the concept of affinity of data where live check on demographic data is possible. You need to be creative and data smart.

Back to consumers, today’s consumers are just over whelmed, they are personally bombarded with all the questions. They are very short in conversation concept.

Get the data when they want it. Pull them and not push the data to them.

So, we studied and analyzed individuals based on the open rate and click through rate CTR, thus breaking the paradigm. When you send a message then try to build an emotional connect with the customer. Turn around the situation and built it. Also, convincing your client is also equally important.

Start small:

Start off with analyzing your business objectives and accordingly target your customers. She stated a case study conducted 7 years ago, wherein a travel author relied on keyword search was looking for programmatically travel definition that the users look for. Ideally, there is No need to change technology, just pick the data, get the sample size and then analyze upon the same.

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