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Helpful Tips To Optimise Google Hangouts

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The world is shrinking day by day. Distance is not a constraint anymore. Technology has brought the entire world under one roof connecting anybody and everybody. People can connect to others just at the blink of an eye. People can stay connected from whichever part of the world they are in.

Google has always been the masters of innovation. With continuous advancement in their features and their tools, Google has always astonished their users. Yet again, Google has come up with an instant messaging and video chat facility that has gained huge popularity in the social media marketing circle as Google+ Hangouts, which is an innovative chat facility.

Google Hangouts was launched on 15th May 2013 and since then its usage has outnumbered many other communication tools like Skype, Facebook chat etc. Google Hangouts can be used to chat with an individual as well as amongst a group of people.

The most important aspect of Google Hangout is that it is absolutely free. There is no hassle of downloading it or setting it up in your device. All you need to have is a Gmail account and you are ready to Hangout!!

The features embedded in Google Hangouts, if used properly can do wonders in the world of communication.

Setting up Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is an amazing technology and yet free. The trouble of downloading has been eliminated and it is easily accessible by using our very own Gmail account which almost everybody has.

One needs to just visit Google+, click on Start Hangouts tab and get going to connect to the people in their circle or add new members to the chat.

Hangouts will ask for the access to your webcam and microphone which can be enabled to have a video chat. One may add Google+ circles, add email ids to include more people in the chat or video talk.

In order to carry out a private call, Google Hangout provides the option of entering phone number and call up on that number individually. The other user should have a smart phone to receive the call.

Salient Features

There are various features in Google Hangouts which makes it unique and stand above the rest when compared together chatting tools. If these unique features are optimised and used to the fullest of their ability then it would become a technological marvel.

The following are the various features of Google Hangouts:

1. Google Hangouts can be used in laptops, desktops and android and iOS based mobile phones.

2. One can share documents, images and YouTube videos over Google Hangouts.

3. The major focus is on group chats or conferences. The technology is such that when an individual speaks during a conference the focus shifts to that person and thus, everybody can see the speaker.

4. Hangouts on Air is a unique feature being provided by Google Hangouts. It enables the speakers in a conference to share live video conversation which can be accessed on a web browser. It is the coolest tool ever developed. Nine people can chat or be in a video chat at a time. If more people would want to view the conversation, Hangouts on Air is the perfect tool to be used. The following are the steps to be followed:

  •  One needs to click on Start Broadcast tab to go live.
  • Link to the YouTube video and embedded code would be available on the same window. One can click over the YouTube link or copy/paste the embedded code to their website and view the video.

5. Google Hangouts has the feature of screen sharing which becomes very important whenever some demonstration is to be given or some training session needs to be conducted. It also helps to capture the screen or a picture at any point of time. YouTube videos can be seen at the same time by all the participants in the conversation. The left side of the window has many other features like Hangouts lower third which helps to add your name, logo or other details as you would want it to be displayed at the bottom of your video. It is an important tool since the video broadcast would be a public one and thus, providing the speaker’s details would be good.

6. Google Hangouts has the feature of sharing power point presentations. The presentations from SlideShare can also be included in the chat or conference. The speaker has full control over the chat. He/she can mute any interruptions and thus, take control of the entire conversation. The bandwidth settings can also be altered in case of slow speed. Multiple devices and microphones can be conjoined in Google Hangouts.

The above mentioned are few important features of Google Hangouts. But, there are few other external factors that need to be addressed in order to make Google Hangouts effective. The following are few aspects which should be taken care while using Google Hangouts:

  •  Lighting is very important while holding a video conference. The visibility should be clear and not dark or over bright. Simple lighting should be arranged.
  • Microphone should be of good quality. It need not be an expensive one. Keep the microphone closer and it should suffice. One should avoid echo while speaking to ensure the quality of the speech. Ensure to have noise cancelling ear plugs to cut down on unnecessary sound. USB microphone would be better than an ordinary one.
  • The most important of all is to have a silent environment where you do not have unwanted disturbances at the background.

Once these aspects are taken care, automatically clarity and quality of the video conference or chat would increase and thus, the experience.

Google Hangouts for Business

The Google Hangouts and its revolutionary invasion in the field of communication has got huge advantage in the business world. Listed below are various sectors that would benefit out of Google Hangouts:

  • Customer Support is one area which revolves around interacting with customers either new or already existing one. Google Hangouts gives a wonderful medium to connect to the customer very easily.
  • Real estate agents would find Google Hangouts to be very useful. They need not wait for the client to visit them. If the client stays in a faraway place and would like to see the property, the agent could just add the client to his Google Hangouts and would give the complete demonstration. The property would be displayed clearly and thus, making it simpler yet efficient.
  • There are many who telecommute. People prefer to strike a work-life balance. Those who work from remote places can utilise Google Hangouts to attend training sessions, meetings, product demonstrations and thereby can stay connected.
  • Google Hangouts is also useful for a sales team. If a sudden conference is to be organised and the sales team members are at different places then they would be able to attend the meeting over Google Hangouts thus, helping to stay tuned to their team activities.

Though at a time nine members can participate in a conversation, Google Hangouts provides the facility to add nine groups to the chat. The groups can join in as guests to see the conversation.

Thus, the optimised utilisation of Google Hangouts can do wonders to the world of business as well as being an excellent tool in the social media marketing arena!!

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