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Hope You Are Not Committing 5 Deadly SEO Mistakes!

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According to the bookish definition of Wikipedia Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is defined as  “the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine.” There are many facets of an SEO, from the keywords on your landing page to the way other sites link to you through the web. Sometimes SEO is simply a matter of making sure your website is structured and planned in a way so that search engines can index and fetch them. SEO isn’t just about building search engine-friendly websites. It’s about making your website better for internet users too.

Websites and Online presence has today become a part-and-parcel of every business and almost every business is strategically shifting their marketing strategies so as to create a space for them in the vast world-wide-web. And to accomplish their objectives many Business Houses, new to the concept of Digital Marketing, make tedious errors which can have grave consequences while optimizing their sites (SEO). This will ultimately lead to bad rankings of their pages in the various Search Engines. It is relatively easy to learn to optimize your website in order to receive  large amounts of traffic directly from various search engines. But there might be a certain set of errors that are being committed by your SEO experts which might lead to negative impact on the website.

5 Deadly Sins of Seo Marketing

Here, then, are the five original SEO sins that a SEO professional might commit while optimizing the website their clients :

1.) Google Greed : The Google Search Engine is the most utilized search engine in the world and primarily more than 85% of the total traffic of the world wide web’ premier destination is
However there is a drawback that can hamper your SEO growth if you website is optimized to be ranked only in accordance with Google Search Engine Parameters. Many SEO professionals out in the market are looking to get the Website in the listed pages of Google. Their main objective is to get their pages ranked in Search Engine Result Pages. This can dampen the overall content of the website and lead to negative growth for the business.
However in today’s International Business trends more and more, search engines are ranking pages based on the quality of the user experience and the relevance of the content. SEO Analysts should not optimize on just one particular Search Engine and should focus on other search engines such as Yandex , BAIDU , etc so that they can test the international waters as well.

2.) Keyword Gluttony : Today the main parameter which Google takes serious note of is Keyword Stuffing which can actually lead to negative impact of the website in the Search Engine Result Pages and its Rankings. “Keyword stuffing” refers to the practice of inputting a webpage with keywords in an attempt to manipulate a website’s ranking in Search Engine results. Filling the page with focused keywords will lead to deterioration of the page and content quality which is a big factor for optimizing the web-page. It also degrades the user experience with constant repetition.

3.) Backlink Lust : Backlinks is used when various projects are site optimized according the required needs of the buyers and want to go for links through other user generated websites. So Via SEO you will be able to build a website which can enhance the reputation of your website but putting in paid links might damage the reputation of your website. If there are too many cross-linking texts or the sites have been filled with anchor text then the PageRank software of Google will decrease the Rankings of the website in the highly volatile and competitive digital market. Following are some of the types of Backlinks which should be avoided by SEO Experts and Webmasters :

* Broken Links
* Keyword Rich Links
* Non- Relevant Links
* Purchased Links

4.) Metrics Pride : Are you measuring what matters or using empty metrics? These are numbers that are impressive at first glance but really mean nothing. Remember the Hit Counter that used to appear on every homepage to show how many people had visited the site?  It’s like getting glanced at by 1000 guys on the street and thinking they’re into you, writes Rebekah Iliff, chief strategy officer for AirPR, in an article on value-driven measurement for Mashable.

5.) Content Sloth : In today’s world , and if one follows the latest Google Updates for Google Panda , quality content and measured form of infographics is the best form to promote one’s website. Be sure to focus on the topic at hand and make sure to engage your readers. If you’re offering valuable information to readers, they are likely to return for more of your content. But the problems arise when content is duplicated or plagurised, and the quality of the content falls. A lot of SEO beginners practice the same to get a good ranking in Google.


All that you have to do is provide pure online content which is original and verifiable Creating content that’s real and relevant and device will help you devise an honest marketing strategy that attracts the customers which have been targeted by your business.The SEO part which is dependent on various on-page and off-page factors is just another strategy which can be moulded by the business strategy, what really matters at the end of the day is content. As the saying goes ‘ Content is King’.

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