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Hope You Are Not Committing These 3 SEO Mistakes

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Search engine optimization is one of the most important factors in driving the web traffic towards the website. You may have a quality content, visuals, but unable to attract expected traffic due to some common SEO mistakes. There are several factors which can affect the number of organic traffic. By avoiding some small mistakes, you can get expected result. Here are some SEO mistakes, by avoiding them you can get expected result.

1) Unable to web crawling

google-seoSurprised!!! How web crawling can be the mistake. While deciding the ranking of webpages any search engine follow certain rules or algorithm. Google, the world’s biggest search engine works in three steps while deciding ranking of the website. It has three distinct parts-

  • Googlebot
  • The indexer
  • The query processor

Googlebot is the google’s web-crawling robot. It helps google to find and retrieves pages on the web. Then it is hand over to the Google indexer. In doing this work, Googlebot uses many computers requesting and fetching pages for quick results. Googlebot can request thousands of different pages simultaneously. After the receiving pages from Googlebot the indexer sort every word on every page and stores the resulting index of words in a huge database. After indexing, the query processor compares your search query to the index and recommends the most relevant documents.

Suppose you have created very good and unique content, but it is difficult to find out, then it is difficult for Google as well to find out your content or website. The biggest SEO mistake is making website uncrawlable. Due to which Googlebot can not find your page and then indexing and ranking also gets affected.

To avoid this, some experts suggest that, it is good for surfing around your website to make sure you can reach the pages on your site by clicking on regular links, ideally in a text browser. Also, you can connect proper inbound and outbound external as well as internal links to increase the page finding probability.

2) Improper words

Another big mistake is the absence of relevant or most searched words. Any search engine will find your pages depending upon the search query raised by the user. If the search engine finds the relevant keyword in your content then you are in the display list. As we all know that “keyword” is the core of the search engine optimization. So always ask one question to yourself. Do my content/pages contain the words which people search for?

For example, say your page contains the information about the ” Amer fort”. Then people may search for “Amer fort”, “How to reach Amer fort”, “distance from Amer fort to Jaipur”, etc. Just using “Amer fort” in the text may not work for good search engine ranking. So try to include right words or frequently searched words on the pages.

3) Bad titles and descriptions

Writing bad titles and description is very common among SEO mistakes. Bad or meaningless title often disappoint and distract people. The title is the key SEO component of your post or content. It describes what is in your content. It serves both search engines and people as well. It is observed that people often neglect writing proper titles. They give more importance to site building. As a result, some times we came across the titles which are not relevant to the content or it is overloaded with keywords or it is grammatically incorrect. Remember the title is the first impression of your content infront of all the world. It is good to change the title of every page as they are indicative of the information contained on the particular page. Titles should be attractive and appealing to humans because ultimately if the title they see in the SERPs doesn’t appeal to them, they’re not going to click on it!  There are many professional tools like title tags, SEO title tool, etc are available to guide you in selecting the proper title.

description-meta-tagSometimes it is hard to analyze the topic from the title. In such a cases, meta description gives you a brief idea about the content. But many writers fail to catch attention through meta description. Many of them ignores this section and miss the benefit. In short a meta description is the snippet of the information below the link on a search result. The main purpose of the meta description is to describe the contents of the page to the searcher and the end goal is to convince and persuade the searcher to click through to your website. You can find any words that match the search term are bolded in the meta description. For an effective meta description writing try to use action-oriented language. For example, start your sentence with “learn”,”Grab”,”Discover”, etc. It should be precise, solution giving or problem-solving in nature. The maximum word limit for this is 155.

Image Credit- dikshikajoshi.blogspot, tiponseo

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    • 4 years ago

      Akshay Gupta   /   Reply

      Well the article is great, however I was aware of the 2nd and 3rd pointers. And more importantly the 1st point was such an amazing and I am thankful to the author for this informational article.

      Basically I am also an Online Marketer works at Digital Marketing Agency – Xpedient Digital

      • 4 years ago

        Digital Vidya Editorial Team   /   Reply

        Thank you Akshay for having found the article as informative.

      • 4 years ago

        Shital Kalamkar   /   Reply

        Thanks, Akshay. It is great to get reviews from the digital marketing professional like you.

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