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How Email Marketing Will Change With Wearables

How Email Marketing Will Change With Wearables

Email Marketing has been the favorite tool for most digital marketers and businesses as it helps them retain their customers and nurture prospective ones. It is growing in its potential as every website is readily willing to offer something in exchange for an email address. With wearables like smart watches (Apple Watch, Sony Smartwatch and more) and Google Glasses email marketers are under a new buzz.

Will wearables bring a complete change in the current email marketing tradition?

The patient process of customer acquisition through emails entailing customer attention by creating catchy content and making offers, educating and nurturing prospects, retaining customers, building relationships on basis of email dialogue and offers seems impossible with wearables (as the screen size is too small to send them an email, number of characters are limited and format is simple HTML). Plus, users are reluctant to give their priority time to marketing. Wearables will definitely change the way we do email marketing.

What is the solution?

Experts suggest that a triage of wearable, smartphone and laptop/PC is the solution wherein the user checks a short email message on the wearable and takes further action on the smartphone for medium email tasks and on the laptop/PC for longer email tasks. However, will the users have such patience always?

One approach could be sending an email aiming at a single product, keeping it short and simple like sharing its thumbnail, including simple text as ‘Like it? Grab it!’ with a ‘buy’ button leading to payment confirmation screen (with stored details of the customer) considering that the customer won’t have the intention of filling in any information.

The bottom line is that it will all depend on how well marketers understand the customers’ time preferences, activity preferences and mindsets. A bigger challenge here that should be looked at is that the user never needs to check emails on a laptop or tablet for buying; email marketing should be targeted mostly on marketing through apps, more personalized approach for each customer’s preferences, finer databases to capture them and accordingly deliver up to expectations. Another important point to note is that the widespread use of wearables is for instant access of only priority information.

How to get more personalized time from customers on wearables and win more loyalty in the long term?

It can be achieved by combining leisure and fun for customers with business objectives. Integrating a very short video can also be helpful as a video is becoming a favourite (though it’s not simple to embed it in an email at present). Well-planned offers for customers that come more like surprises can be a bigger reason for them to stick to. Offering them perks where they are rather than expecting them to keep buying products, offering them local deals and discounts of interest or tickets for a movie and gift coupons is a more interesting way to engage them on wearables and win their loyalty.

Let’s wait and watch for advanced email features for wearables (first coming from Gmail) and see how email marketing and metrics can be further built.

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