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How To Analyze Your Competitor SEO

How To Analyze Your Competitor SEO

There are tons of tools in the market to look for a website such as Backlinks, Anchor texts, etc. In this post, I will show you how to check the Competitor SEO for free.

Analysing Competitor’s website for SEO is an important aspect because we need to find out why Google is ranking them in their first position. So that we can save time and use some of the strategies and methods they are using. We can surely do it better than them by ‘stealing’ some good ideas from their strategy.

Whois Lookup

How To Analyze competitor SEO

Whois Information gives us  Idea of how long our Competitor is being on Line. It tells the Information Like

  • Who owns the domains?
  • When was it Registered?
  • Expiration Date?
  • Dedicated or Shared IP?

Google is the search Engine Which Indexes all the Pages and other resources like a  document, doc file, Pdf file. We need to find all the related resources of our Competitor.

You can type these types of command in google to Understand your Competitor SEO in a much better way.

How To Analyze competitor SEO URL:webalizer filetype:pdf inurl:logs inurl:stat inurl: pdf inurl:doc inurl:txt inurl:xls

The more insight about your competitor SEO the more you can perform better to outrank them. Check for this Command to see how much pages of your Competitor is indexed in Google Search Engine.

How To Analyze competitor SEO

How to Analyze Competitor  Backlinks for SEO

How To Analyze competitor SEO

Visit( enter your competitor’s URL and hit Search. It will reveal to you all the Backlinks of your competitor’s website. It ithe s best tool to find Competitor Backlinks for free.

You can also check Backlinks Manually by entering this command in Google search Box.

“yourcompetitorurl”-inurl: your competitor URL

How to Analyze Competitor SEO Social Media.

It will give you extra insight into their Social Media Activity and Backlinks. You can conduct this search term in google to get the results.

How To Analyze competitor SEO







“” Inurl:forum

“” forum

“” community

“” Social

“” Profile

How does Google read our website

When google first come to your website to fetch a particular URL it first looks for a text file called robots.txt. Robots.txt tell Google where to go and where not to go. It will obey the rule according to the instruction you have provided in the robots.txt file. Then it will go to Sitemap.xml for checking the pages then it visit your webpage step-by-step.

  • Title
  • Meta Description
  • <h1> Heading <h1>
  • Navigation
  • Images
  1. Image Name
  2. Image Alt
  3. Image Title
  • Videos

1.Video Name

2.Video Caption

3.Video Meta data

  • Content
  • <h2> Heading </h2>

Backlinks for Top Google Rankings.

Always Think! Original Content.

Never think as if backlinks are Rank Booster.No !

This won’t work.  You don’t need a hundred of backlinks to rank your Site. Only a few Quality backlinks can do wonders. Most people write one article and share to 100 other Submission directory sites for the sake of backlinks. This is totally against google webmaster guidelines. Never make one article and keep Spinning for Backlinks. You have to spend time for taking quality backlinks to improve search engine rankings. Article Marketing is not dead If you do it Perfectly.

You can also analyze and audit your website using some other tools some of which are free while others are paid. But the important thing is to invest in analyzing and auditing, as this is the way to optimizing the functioning of your website.

How to Use Screamingfrog Spider to Analyze your Competitor.

How To Analyze competitor SEO

You will see the information of the website in different tabs. Visit each tab and Analyze the Information.

External- This tab shows which site your Competitor is Linking to.

Response Codes- It means if you visit Competitor website and its visible to you then it will show status code as 200.

Page title- We can quickly take a look what is the density of keyword used in Title. We can analyze whether the title is SEO Optimized or not.

Meta Description- They are Important we can analyze the keywords placed in the description. It will give extra Insight.

H1- You can check the how many times <H1> tag is used and how many types your competitor have used the keywords in <H1> tag.

Images- You can check your Competitor Image is Optimized or not. What are the sizes of the images whether it is Compressed or not.


  • Check Whois Lookup
  • Check URL Backlinks from OpenSiteExplorer.
  • Enter Command Manually in Google to have better Insight.
  • Download Screamingfrog Software and Check all the Information.
  • Make Quality Backlinks, Don’t go for Quantity of Backlinks.
  • Don’t Index Pages Manually, Let Google Index it. It can Affect your SEO ranking.

Things to remember For Better Search Ranking.

  • Use Original and Unique Content.
  • Content should be 1000+ word Count.
  • Use Keywords in Title, <H2> Tag.
  • Use Keywords in Image Alt.
  • Use Royalty free Images.
  • Target Keywords which is Low Competition. < 30 is easy to rank.
  • Don’t Build too many Backlinks in Single Day, Plan the Schedule.
  • Don’t post too many articles in Single day, Plan the Schedule.
  • Check for Broken Links for authority Backlinks.
  • Get Backlinks from Web2.0 and article Submission Directory.
  • Get Backlinks from Social Media, Reddit, SlideShare.
  • Make Unique quality each time for Backlinks.

Image Credits: Google, Screaming Frog

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